SPRING – Torin Borrowdale

Spring is a short, animated film produced by Blender Animation Studio which has been produced to showcase the capabilities of Blender’s open-source computer graphics software. The movie follows a shepherd girl and her dog as they come face-to-face with some ancient spirits. Director Andreas Goralczyk (who also wrote the story) has created a world that looks gorgeous and which has a feel of folklore running through it and mystery and a sprinkling of humour added for good measure. The film is strongly supported by a score written by Torin Borrowdale (who previously scored the 2018 thriller Searching).

Borrowdale’s music adds much of the fantasy feel of Spring with wordless female vocals, Thomas Newman-esque piano, expressive fiddle and celeste. The solo fiddle is the strongest aspect of the score and gives a Celtic feel to Spring’s world. [Read more…]