Original Review by Alan RogersAnatomy of a Love Seen

How a relationship, where two people seem to love each other so deeply, can ultimately fail is a question that is explored in Marina Rice Bader’s 2014 film, Anatomy of A Love Seen. Leading actresses Zoe (Sharon Hinnendael) and Mal (Jill Evyn) fall in love while filming a love scene and what follows is a six-month whirlwind love affair. Unfortunately for them both, the relationship comes to a turbulent end when Mal leaves without explanation. However, things are complicated when, soon after the split, the two women must re-shoot the love scene in order to secure a broadcast deal for the movie.

The score is written by UK-based composer Thom Robson, whose resumé includes a number of award-winning short films (Sit In Silence, Carriages), several feature films (including Strings) and the video game, Morphopolis. [Read more…]