The Music of Star Trek: Profiles In Style – Jeff Bond

Original Book Review by Alan Rogers

Reading Jeff Bond’s overview of the music of Star Trek, that has arguably produced more music than any other franchise, it is clear that he enjoyed writing and compiling this book. Bond – Film Score Magazine’s “Editor-at-Large” – in his Introduction highlights the fact that almost every aspect of the Star Trek universe has been written about and analysed; except for the music. This book now fills the glaring gap in this universe.

The bulk of the book features a series of interesting and in-depth discussions of the music from the original 1960s TV scores, plus interviews with composers such as Alexander Courage, Fred Steiner and Gerald Fried who worked on the episodes. Generally following a chronological order, there then follows chapters on all the movies up to and including Star Trek: Insurrection. Interviews with composers such as Jerry Goldsmith, Leonard Rosenman and Cliff Eidelman add an interesting perspective to their respective scores. James Horner’s absence from these interviews, however, is a major hole in this section of the book. The music of the more recent Star Trek TV series – such as The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine & Voyager – is covered too, with contributions from Ron Jones, Jay Chattaway and Don Davis keeping the format consistent. [Read more…]