SOMNIUS – Marc Junker

Original Review by Alan RogersSomnius

Somnius is a short 2013 science fiction film directed by Denver Jackson. A young monk is nearing completion of his pilgrimage, a rite of passage that required him to journey beyond the boundaries of the known universe. Somnius is the name of his space ship, the vessel the monk has used on his journey. Somnius has the ability to render thoughts and memories into reality. However, a group of mercenaries have taken an interest in the ship and, having managed to get on board, they must overcome the monk’s skills – including his adept martial arts training – in order to attain their prize. The director mixes sci-fi, mysticism and martial arts to fashion an engaging and, at times, visually stunning film well worth seeking out. The score is composed by designer and composer Marc Junker. [Read more…]