RÖKKUR – Einar Sv. Tryggvason

An atmospheric Icelandic thriller from 2017, Rökkur (Rift) has Gunnar approaching middle age and who has split from a relationship with the younger Einar. Sometime later Gunnar receives a worrying phone call from Einar. Concerned for Einar’s safety, Gunnar travels to his ex-partner’s isolated family cabin. As well as going back over old unresolved issues they begin to realise that someone else may be creeping about at night. The score is written by Icelandic composer Einar Sv. Tryggvason.

By all accounts Rökkur is a film that is dominated by grief and isolation. It is set against the icy and bleak – but beautiful – backdrop of dramatic Icelandic landscapes. The music certainly reflects this mood with most of the instrumentation never really sounding anything other than creepy and unsettling. [Read more…]