REFRACTED GLORY – Bradley Jamrozik & Gabriel Hudelson

Original Review by Alan RogersRefracted Glory

Hummingbirds are amongst the smallest birds in the world and are an ornithological wonder. When hovering in mid-air their wings are beating at typical rates of 50 times per second and one cannot fail to be amazed at seeing how expertly they can control their manoeuvrability, being able to fly backwards as well as upside down. Refracted Glory is a feature-length documentary examining a variety of different aspects of these birds including their biology and the physics of hovered flight. Interviewing a number of scientists, pilots and engineers the documentary’s host, David Rives, examines hummingbirds as being an important example of “intelligent design” rather than evolution. Young composers Bradley Jamrozik and Gabriel Hudelson take on the task of conveying Refracted Glory’s celebration of these small birds. [Read more…]