QUE D’AMOUR! – Philippe Jakko

Original Review by Alan RogersQue d'amour

French director Valérie Donzelli’s 2013 film Que d’Amour! is part of a series of films that take dramas staged at the Théâtre-Français, Paris and transfers them to the screen. Using actors from the Théâtre-Français, and with a limited budget and time to film, Donzelli’s film is an adaptation of the French playwright Marivaux’s romantic comedy, Le Jeu de L’Amour et du Hazard. The story centres on a couple who are to married but who have never met. To get to know what type of person each will be marrying, they each decide – independently – to play the part of their respective servants for when they first meet. Confusion ensues before, inevitably, they fall in love with one another. Donzelli’s film has an original score written by London-based French composer Philippe Jakko, whose strong score for the 2014 World War Two drama, Allies, has recently been released by MovieScore Media.

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