Original Review by Alan RogersThe Furred Man

The Furred Man (2010) sees Max (play by Daniel Carter-Pope) as a guy who resorts to donning a werewolf costume in order to drum up business for his failing camping site business. But things get out of hand when he finds himself sitting in a police interrogation room, his furry suit caked in dried blood and under suspicion for having carried out a particularly gruesome murder. Writer/director Paul Williams’ award-winning, low-budget short film is a darkly comedic piece that’s carried by Carter-Pope’s playing of Max’s bemusement at his circumstances. And it’s well worth a watch HERE.

Composer/producer Paul Terry has written for a number of films and has released a series of non-film related albums under the alias, Cellarscape. Terry has also co-authored a number of books including “Fringe: September’s Notebook – The Bishop Paradox” and the official “Lost Encyclopedia”. When writing for short films composers need to be both versatile (because of limited music budgets) and to get straight to the point in terms of establishing any thematic material (due to the film’s short running time). The Furred Man delivers on both counts. [Read more…]