AURORA – Oscar Fogelström

Aurora is a 2018 Filipino supernatural thriller directed by Filipino director Yam Laranas. A passenger ship (the Aurora) mysteriously runs aground killing many people. A young woman and her sister must find the missing dead for a bounty in order to survive. Central to Oscar Fogelström’s score for movie is the human voice. Having a distinctly ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ aspect to it, it’s the choral work running through the score that lingers after the music has concluded (the composer’s musical ideas are impressively realised by the Swedish ensemble Johannebergs Vokalensemble). Opening the album with a completely immersive a capella rendition of Fogelström’s requiem-style melody, the listener is completely drawn into the music. It’s mournful yet there’s an undercurrent of vitality and it’s this mix that makes it so appealing. [Read more…]