SPATE – Mike Raznick

Original Review by Alan RogersSpate

Spate is a platformer game from Ayyo Games set in a surreal “steampunk” world. Visual artist Eric Provan, creator of Spate, has come up with a game that focuses on creating great visuals, mood and atmosphere to support the story. And a major contributor to making the game as arresting as it is is composer Mike Raznick, who has fashioned a score that envelopes the listener (whether they are playing the game or listening to the album), drawing them into the world of Spate. The plot is a simple one: you are Bluth – a private investigator – hired to find out what’s happened to a businessman last seen entering “The X-Zone”. The X-Zone is a group of islands that have been shrouded in mysterious clouds and rain for a number of years. To complicate matters, Bluth’s daughter was one of the many people who went missing (and are presumed dead) when the rains came. [Read more…]