LOST PLATOON – Mark Mancina

Lost Platoon is a very cheap 1990 action-horror movie that has been likened to a hybrid of The Lost Boys/Near Dark and Platoon. A war journalist finds a group of soldiers who turn out to have taken part in various wars throughout the centuries – because they are vampires. The vampires discover an evil warlord foe in Nicaragua who is also a vampire and a battle ensues. Probably forgotten as a movie not long after it was released, its profile has been resurrected by a digital release of the score composed by Mark Mancina, with additional contributions from Tim James and Steve McClintock.

Lost Platoon is a muddled mess of cheesy synths and drum pads of various kinds that are seemingly thrown together without much thought to create a soundtrack that’s pretty much devoid of any emotional worth. Disarmingly, the album opens positively with a piano-led theme which features some encouraging support from synth chords and percussion (“Lost Platoon (Opening Theme)”). [Read more…]