LA BELLES DES DAMES – Jim Birkett (update)

After having watched Raphaël Lutran’s short film La Belles des Dames, I have a added a few additional comments to the review of the music. My review to Jim Birkett’s score can be found HERE.


Original Review by Alan RogersLa Belles des Dames

La Belles des Dames (The Beautiful Ladies) is a score for a film that I know nothing about. A search of Google throws up results that only list this soundtrack on online store websites. Even the English translation of the film title is a (possibly dubious) translation from Google Translate. The various online stores thown up by an online search list the score’s composer as one Jim Birkett. One Jim Birkett does have a website that lists him as “film music composer/producer/artist” but his website lists only a number of Soundcloud tracks and no biographical information. [Read more…]