CRY FOR THE BAD MAN – Franko Carino

Franko Carino – DJ and one-time touring musician with rap rock band Limp Bizkit – has turned his hand to composing for film, providing a synth score for the ‘home invasion’ thriller, Cry For The Bad Man. Camille Keaton (I Spit On Your Grave) stars as a widow who has to deal with a trio of violent extortionists who come visiting her in her isolated rural home.

The album opens strongly with a couple of tracks that features strong ostinato patterns with meaty-sounding synths and various subtle tinklings to add some depth (“It Begins”, “Good Evening”). Unfortunately, it’s not long before these Carpenter-esque tracks are replaced with more ambient-heavy efforts and the listening experience gets bogged down in the various meandering synth washes and industrial gratings of the album’s middle tracks (for example, “Getting Ready”). [Read more…]