FÖRGÄT MIG EJ – Måns Saari Jonsson

The appearance of a music box in a movie rarely bodes well, and this appears to hold true for Förgät mig ej, a Swedish drama which has what appears to be supernatural overtones. Written and directed by Måns Saari Jonsson, Förgät mig ej (Forget Me Not) focuses on Emma, a young doctor who works at a children’s hospital and who has just returned to work after a family tragedy. She befriends young Timmy (owner of the music box) who has just lost his parents in a car accident. When Timmy mysteriously vanishes in the middle of the night, Emma must search the deserted corridors of the hospital in an attempt to find him.

Förgät mig ej is a low budget independent film and, as well as writing and directing, Jonsson has also composed the music, providing a strongly thematic score that is infused with sadness and beauty. [Read more…]