TIDSREJSEN – Flemming Nordkrog

Original Review by Alan RogersTidsrejsen

Tidsrejsen is a Danish television family drama starring Bebiane Ivalo Kreutzmann as Sofie, a social outsider who is having a difficult time at school and is having to deal with the recent divorce of her parents. All she wishes is to have her old life back, where her parents love each other again and everyone is happy. It’s at this point that a strange boy comes on the scene; the Justin Bieber-lookalike Dixie (Hannibal Harbo Rasmussen). Although new to the area, Dixie seems to know an awful lot about Sofie. Being a “TV- Julekalender” (a traditional 24-episode “event” shown on consecutive nights in the run up to Christmas), director Kaspar Munk’s Tidsrejsen is a Christmas tale where family and social conflict are resolved with the backdrop of a cosy blanket of yuletide love. But, there’s a twist in this particular tale: time travel. With significant nods to films such as Blade Runner, Men In Black and particularly Back To The Future, Sofie and Dixie (who is from the future) travel back in time, crossing Sofie’s parents’ timeline, to hopefully stop Sofie’s parents from divorcing. Added to the mix are sinister agents from the future who are trying to foil the plans of Sofie and Dixie. [Read more…]