Original Review by Alan Rogers

Back in 2005, Gerry Anderson (he of “Supermarionation” hits such as Thunderbirds) created a CGI animated TV serial reboot of the late sixties series Captain Scarlet and The Mysterons. Using “Hypermarionation” (a technique using CGI and motion capture), Gerry Anderson’s New Captain Scarlet (or more commonly New Captain Scarlet) was a show that turned out to be a bit grim and, to some, unsuitable for younger viewers though it did achieve some critical success. Unfortunately, the TV broadcasters chose to air the show erratically in the middle of a Saturday morning entertainment show, splitting the half-hour episodes into two parts and giving the audience no indication of when the parts would be shown. Although many of the features of the original incarnation were retained, Anderson decided not to retain any of Barry Gray’s original music. Instead he chose composer Crispin Merrell (who he had already used in his earlier series Space Precinct) and provide new music for the show.

Merrill’s approach to the main titles sequence is to score with small, brief motifs that reflects the titles montage rather than develop a memorable theme. In fact, the almost-frantic nature of the first track, “Captain Scarlet”, echoes the release of the characters from the stilted motions of the original puppets to an animation free of the marionette technology. [Read more…]