BLUE BORSALINO – David M. Saunders

Original Review by Alan RogersBlue Borsalino

Blue Borsalino is a 2015 noir-styled short film written and directed by Mark Lobatto and starring David Warner, Margot Leicester, Bart Edwards and Laura Dale. Warner plays one-time private investigator, Ernie Child, whose life has been overshadowed by one fateful day in his past. When his first and only client, Jean Delaware (Leicester), wakes from a coma, he suddenly has to face up to this life-changing event from almost 50 years ago. Warner dominates when he’s on-screen, with a subtle and nuanced playing of a character whose life has been dominated by regret. The portrayal of the emotional state of Ernie Child and Jean Delaware is ably supported by a measured score composed by relative newcomer David M. Saunders. [Read more…]