LA BELLES DES DAMES – Jim Birkett (update)

After having watched Raphaël Lutran’s short film La Belles des Dames, I have a added a few additional comments to the review of the music. My review to Jim Birkett’s score can be found HERE.

Status Update

Regular visitors will notice that there has been a drop-off in the frequency of reviews over the last few weeks. Various personal circumstances have meant that I have not been able to do as much listening to the great, little-heard music over the last few weeks. Hopefully this situation will change in the next few weeks and I am encouraging regular visitors to check back here regularly for future posts.

Planned posts for the future include more reviews of new, little-known titles, older “classics” and an overview of my own favourite scores of 2011.

A problem with Ten Tracks Today artwork

For some reason the artwork on the “Ten Tracks Today” posts seems to have been messed up somehow. The correct covers are showing up when I go to edit these pages but they are all showing up on the actual blog as the artwork that is added for the first title in the list of ten.

Hopefully, this problem will sort itself out soon. I’m onto the people at WordPress to see if they can help and hopefully things will be back to normal soon.


Hello world!

This is a new blog dedicated to music composed and used in film, TV and video games. I hope this develops into a regularly-updated blog featuring my thoughts, comments and reviews