Weekly Recommendations – w/e 7th January 2022

Here’s another round-up of recommended scores that have caught my attention over the week ending, 7th January 2022.

Rite of the Shaman (2022) – Donovan Colton (Kayci Records)

Such a beautiful little score, the composer finds a nice balance between reflecting the emotional aspects of the movie’s story and injecting drama when required. Centred around a lovely main theme the music for Rite of the Shaman is always interesting as Colton spotlights a myriad of different instruments as part of a small-scale ensemble. Although the album opening is a highlight it’s the emotional impact of the quieter passages that are the lasting memory.

Cobra Kai (Season 4, Volume 1: “All Valley Tournament 51” (2021) – Leo Birenberg & Zach Robinson (Madison Gate Records)

Although released as a 2-CD set, Cobra Kai‘s Season 4 music is available digitally separately as 2 volumes and, of the two, volume 1 is particularly entertaining. An action-packed hour of music, Birenberg and Robinson’s music packs a big orchestral punch that’s supplemented with percussion and rock guitars. But it also has quieter moment too that allow the listener to draw breath. It’s all very melodic in nature and is a pleasure to listen to.

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