Weekly Recommendations – w/e 31st December 2021

Here’s another round-up of recommended scores that have caught my attention over the week ending, 31st December 2021 – the final week of 2021.

La Befana vien di Notte II: Le Origini (2021) – Michele Braga & Emanuele Bossi (Sony Music Publishing)

La Befana vien di Notte II: Le Origini tells the origin story of La Befana, a woman of Italian folklore who delivers gifts to children on Epiphany Eve but here is hunted as a witch. The music of Michele Braga and Emanuele Bossi is a strong entry to the family adventure fantasy genre. The action scoring is entertaining and exciting, and the orchestra effortlessly switches to lighter, comedic passages. Containing a number of themes for the various characters, this score is worth checking out if you are looking for a worthwhile score that’s off the beaten track.

Teardown, Part 2 (2021) – Douglas Holmquist (Douglas Holmquist)

Teardown is (apparently) a destruction sandbox puzzle game that was initially released in 2020, with a Part 2 subsequently available in December 2021. This second instalment added a number of additional missions and tools. Having composed the music for Part 1, Holmquist has released music to accompany the various new missions. The vast majority of the 100+ minutes of music is of a type where you can get lost in the game, destroying the world, and is of a quality that you can also get lost in listening to it outside the game. Dreamy, enveloping synths mix with electric guitar riffs to fill the soundscape with tempos ranging from slow and laid-back to more energetic and pacey.

Here’s looking forward to 2022!

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