Weekly Recommendations – w/e 3rd December 2021

Here’s another round-up of recommended scores that have caught my attention over the previous week (w/e 3rd December 2021).

Lapwing (2021) – Lee Gretton (In Production Music Ltd.)

The story of a group of salt farmers trying to survive on the marshes of 16th century England, Lee Gretton’s haunting score isn’t an easy listen. But it’s an inventive experience that spans a vast spectrum of sounds. Sombre cello melodies mix with various sonically interesting instruments and ambient soundscapes to deliver a score that has a strong power to evoke a sense of story and location rather than delivering memorable themes.

Lost in Space (Season 3) (2021) – Christopher Lennertz (Milan Records)

Netflix’s re-imagining of the sixties TV show, Lost in Space, has been a big-budget affair and the music to accompany the show has also been of high production value throughout. Series composer Christopher Lennertz has taken advantage of this opportunity and has written some excellent music. His score for the third and final season sustains the high quality and is a thoroughly enjoyable listen: a fitting finale for the show. Large orchestra channels its energy into the music that’s, at various turns, action-packed, intimate and emotionally-charged.

Tale of the Sleeping Giants (2021) – Panu Aaltio (MovieScore Media)

Finnish composer Panu Aaltio’s score for this documentary feature from Finland, the third film in the “Tale” series (previous films are Tale of a Forest (2012) and Tale of a Lake (2016), is another wonderful example of thoughtful documentary scoring. Aaltio has creating another impressive orchestral score. On this occasion the orchestra is supplemented by the Finnish female acapella quartet, Tuuletar, to help reflect the location of the documentary (Sápmi, the northern region of Scandinavian Europe). Aaltio’s use of the female voices adds a powerful, magical dimension a strongly melodic score.

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