2020 Reel Music Awards – 2020 scores for consideration

Another bumper year of music from movies, TV shows, and games (and other interactive media) provides solace for a difficult year for everyone.

Music written for the various media areas has always had an appeal because of the way it can instil a whole gamut of emotions in the listener over a relatively short period of time (unless it’s a 2+ hour, 3 CD complete score release). And these soundtracks/scores have been needed in a big way in 2020. Usually “awards” such as those announce annually by Reel Music have really had little bearing in the grand scheme of things but this time, although they may still mean very little to most people, hopefully highlighting some of the most enjoyable albums will help point some in the direction of music that helps brighten the day.

As before, I have decided to post a list of titles that I have been listening to over the course of 2020 (and slightly into 2021) and which have been the basis of the upcoming awards – which will be announced in due course. Again, the purpose of these lists is to feed anyone’s curiosity to see what sort of titles are out there and to see what titles have gone towards making my final lists.

The lists are long and there are likely to be some mistakes to be found but I hope that any errors have been kept to a minimum. Any mistakes are purely my responsibility. Some people may be curious of my choice of allocation for some titles to some genres. I have tried my best to assign all titles to the most appropriate genres but it can be difficult when some titles cross several genres (according to imdb.com).

I was curious to see if the covid-19 pandemic had had an effect on my listening characteristics or the type of music for films, TV, etc. that was released and that I had been listening to. My total number of titles listened to in 2020 was broadly in line with my listening experience in 2019 (only about 5% down in 2020 compared with 2019). The number of albums from drama, comedy and action/adventure/thriller movies were down in 2020 compared with the previous year, with albums from fantasy/sci-fi/horror and animated movies being of a similar proportion in both years. The proportion of titles from documentaries and television were significantly higher in 2020 compared with 2019: for documentaries numbers were up by almost 70%! All these numbers probably don’t mean anything but I thought it was interesting that there were some fluctuations in the types of films available (as measured by their respective score releases).

So, below is a list of all the titles where I was able to listen to their soundtracks/scores over the course of 2020. Some high-profile titles will be missing: any music that I listened to and had a very strong negative listening experience were excluded pretty quickly from further listening and don’t feature in these lists. But I can’t rule out the possibility that an omission is just a huge error in my part.

Finally, in order to qualify for inclusion in the 2020 Reel Music Awards consideration list the title had to have received some sort of release in 2020 somewhere (according to imdb.com and additional internet searching) and had not been considered in 2019. I extended the monitoring time past the end of 2020 to capture any ‘stragglers’ – music from a 2020-released titles where the album was not available until into 2021. I think the cut-off date was 5th February 2021. Any 2020 titles released after this date (and I am seeing a lot of them) will now be assessed in the archival section in the 2021 Reel Music Awards.

As before, titles released in 2020 for ‘archival titles’ (i.e., music albums available in 2020 to movies, TV shows, etc. originally released in 2019 or previously) are not listed here but will appear in the upcoming nominations post.


18 Regali/18 Presents (Farri) • 37 Seconds/37 Sekanzu (Matsumiya) • 4 Gatos Mapas Negros (Cataño) • 9 Tage Wach (Elias) • A Girl From Mogadishu (Sawhney) • A Muse (Day)Adoring/Chong ai (Errèra) • After We Collided (Burnett) • Akelarre/Coven (Calleja/Arroitajauregi) • Alan and the Fullness of Time (McCausland) • Alieu the Dreamer (Ledbetter) • Ammonite (O’Halloran/Bertelmann) • ADN/DNA (Warbeck) • Audition (Read) • Avis de Tempête/Storm Warning (Cahen) • Back to the Wharf/Feng Ping Lang Jing (Wenzi) • Bad Education (Abels) • Betrayer/Anatomie Zrady (Novinski) • Bí Mât Cua Gió/Secrets of the Wind (Tri) • Black Beach (Cardelús) • Black Beauty (Roussel) • Blackbird (Gregson) • BlackJack: The Jackie Ryan Story (Cohen) • Brummi (Hirte) • Calm With Horses (Blanck Mass) • Chance (Honeyman) • Charlotte Link: Im Tal Des Fuchses (Weidinger) • Çiçero/Operation Cicero (Özmen) • City of Salt (Colton) • Clouds (Tyler) • Crónica de una Tormenta (Olaz) • County Lines (Pickering) • Creditors (Aranda) • Da 5 Bloods (Blanchard) • Das Schaurige Haus/The Scary House (Marouf) • De Gaulle (Trouillet) • Der Überläufer/The Turncoat (Komasa-Łazarkiewicz) • Die Farbe des Chamäleons/The Colour of a Chameleon (Gangl) • Downhill (Bertelmann) • El Verano Que Vivimos (Jusid) • Embattled (Brook) • Emma. (Schweitzer/Waller-Bridge) • Ensilumi/Any Day Now (Nikkinen) • EST (Caprelli) • Eternal Beauty (Price) • Fanny Lye Deliver’d (Clay) • Fatima (Buonvino) • Fukushima 50 (Iwashiro) • Funny Boy (Shore) • Greyhound (Neely) • H is for Happiness (Tyson-Chew) • Hillbilly Elegy (Zimmer/Fleming) • I’m Your Woman (Matsumiya) • Je Ne Rêve Que de Vous/An Irrepressible Woman (Coulais) • JLB: The Man Who Saw the Future (Millns) • Jungleland (Balfe) • Kalaschnikow (Lindner) • Kalashnikov/AK-47 (Stern) • Konglish (Bower) • Kyojo (Sato) • L’Agnello/The Lamb (Biscarini) • Lagos To Oslo (Jacob) • Les Apparences/Appearances (Burgalat) • Les Mystères des Majorettes/Murders In Brouage (Imbault) • Let Him Go (Giacchino) • Let Them All Talk (Newman) • Love Sarah (Rotthoff) • Luxor (Linares) • Misbehaviour (Hinchliffe) • Monarch City (Marth) • Nour (Vlad) • Padrenostro (Ratchev/Carratello) • Platzspitzbaby/Needle Park Baby (Pagamici) • Promising Young Woman (Willis) • Qu’un Sang Impur…/The Breitner Commando (Neveux) • Radioactive (Galperine/Galperine) • Rams (Partos) • Rebecca (Mansell) • Resistance (Milli) • Safety (Miller) • Santa (Borghi) • Scent of My Daughter/Kızım Gibi Kokuyorsun (Tarçın) • She Dies Tomorrow (Mondo Boys) • Shine Your Eyes (Nordkrog) • Sila (Machado/Scavacini) • Silver Skates/Serebryanye konki (Farley) • Small Country: An African Childhood/Petit Pays (Barbier) • Songbird (Balfe) • Sous Les Étoiles de Paris/Under the Stars of Paris (Hadjadj) • Stargirl (Simonsen) • Sulphur & White (Nikitin) • Summer of 85/Été 85 (Dunckel) • Swallow (Halpern) • Sylvie’s Love (Lecomte) • Terra de Telers (Marcús JGR) • Tesla (Paesano) • The Artist’s Wife (Grace) • The Book of Vision (Townshend) • The Crossing/Flukten Over Grensen (Svendsen) • The Eastern Front/The Point of No Return (Symons) • The Flood (Salsjö) • The Glorias (Goldenthal) • The Kindness of Strangers (Lockington) • The Last Full Measure (Klein) • The Last Vermeer (Söderqvist) • The Life Ahead (Yared) • The Outpost (Groupé) • The Postcard Killings (Lacey) • The Racer (De Maeyer) • The Roads Not Taken (Potter) • The Trial of the Chicago 7 (Pemberton) • The True Adventures of Wolfboy (Urata) • The Windermere Children (Baranowski) • Tijuana Bible (Malet) • Toorbos (Smit) • Une Barque Sur L’Océan/A Barge on the Ocean (Marchesseau) • Unmarked Graves (Eppig) • Volevo Nascondermi/Hidden Away (Biscarini) • Vores Mand i Amerika/The Good Traitor (Struck) • Wander Darkly (Weston) • We Three Kings (Smith) • You Will Die At Twenty (Bouhafa) • Your Iron Lady (Lichtenberg)


A Simple Wedding (Fakhrara) • Adieu Les Cons/Bye Bye Morons (Julien) • Aliens Stole My Body (Moore) • An American Pickle (Giacchino/Melumad) • Bill & Ted Face the Music (Isham) • Casanova’s (Heortweard) • Come To Daddy (Steven) • Criminal Audition (Anderson/Bennett) • Ein Sommer In Andalusien (Eisenreich) • Estándar (Román) • Explota Explota/My Heart Goes Boom! (Baños) • Fracketty Frack: It’s the Frackpocalypse (Field) • Guns Akimbo (Rotthoff) • Half Brothers (Seigel) • Happiest Season (Doherty) • Hasta Que la Boda Nos Separe/The Wedding Unplanner (de la Riva/Tapscott) • I Liviatani (Cattive Attitudini)/Bad Habits Die Hard (DiBona/Sangiovanni) • Il Grande Passo/The Big Step (Donaggio) • Il Regno (Smerilli) • Les Blagues de Toto (Trouillet) • L’Incredibile Storia dell’Isola Delle Rose/Rose Island (Braga) • Masters of Love (Yates) • My Spy (Lewis) • Permette? Alberto Sordi (Vivaldi) • Poissonsexe/Sexfish (Dunckel) • Porno (Patullo) • Some Smoke and a Red Locker (Hecht) • Spirit Sisters – Vier Zauberhafte Schwestern (Dern) • The Kid Detective (McCarrol) • The Personal History of David Copperfield (Willis) • The Royal Bride/Gai Gia Lam Chieu 3 (Wong) • The War With Grandpa (Zigman) • Unbelievable!!!!! (Fried) • Wild Mountain Thyme (Warner)


Alone (Fakhrara) • Andhaghaaram/Darkness (Kumar) • Antidisturbios/Riot Police (Arson) • As God/Po shen lu (CY & Team/Lim/Tee/Tay) • Ava (McCreary) • Azrael (Akers) • Bad Boys For Life (Balfe) • Baghdad Thief/Les Baghdad (Al Kammar) • Balle Perdue/Lost Bullet (Dziezuk) • Becky (Fakhrara) • Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn (Pemberton) • Blood From Stone (Black) • Blood On Her Name (Blair/Blair) • Breaking Even (Reichelt) • Breaking Surface (Kirst) • Bronx/Rogue City (Kermorvant) • Crímenes de Familia/The Crimes That Bind (Escofet) • Darkness Falls (Chaban) • De Piraten van Hiernaast/Pirates Down The Street (Kieboom) • Dolittle (Elfman) • Dreamland (Higgins/Joris-Peyrafitte) • Enemy Lines (Jakko) • Enola Holmes (Pemberton) • Escape From Pretoria (Hirschfelder) • Eve (Dundas) • Extraction (Jackman/Belcher) • Fire/Ogon (Borodulev) • For the Sake of Vicious (Foxgrndr) • Frieda: Coming Home (Klubertanz) • Greenland (Buckley) • Here On Out (Plotkin) • Honest Thief (Isham) • Horizon Line (Ekstrand/Sevedag) • Kruimeltje (Sporck) • La Vampira de Barcelona/The Barcelona Vampiress (Tapscott) • Lassie – Eine Abenteuerliche Reise/Lassie Come Home (Rotthoff) • L’Aventure des Marguerite/The Fantastic Journey of Margot & Marguerite (Rebotier) • Le Prince Oublié/The Lost Prince (Shore) • Love and Monsters (Beltrami/Trumpp) • Meeting (Oral) • Meister Des Todes 2 (Honeyman) • Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears (Walker) • Mulan (Gregson-Williams) • News of the World (Howard) • Nieva en Benidorm/It Snows in Benidorm (de Vilallonga) • No Matarás/Cross The Line (Jusid/Foulkes) • Non-Living (Vergara) • Ofrenda a la Tormenta/Offering to the Storm (Velázquez) • Orígenes Secretos/Unknown Origins (Jusid) • Pacto de Fuga/Jailbreak Pact (Meza) • Patriot: A Nation At War (Descy) • Poly (Neveux) • Rogue (Halama/Shields) • Royals’ Revenge (Tye) • Run (Borrowdale) • Save Me (Hilbel) • Search and Destroy (Bakker/Forrest) • Secret Life of a Celebrity Surrogate (Wunder) • Shadow of the Wolf/L’Ombra del Lupo (Di Stefano) • Shorta (Dirkov) • Son Kale: Hacibey/The Last Fortress: Hacibey (Yazicioglu) • Sonic the Hedgehog (Holkenborg) • Sons of Philadelphia (Favriau) • Spenser Confidential (Jablonsky) • Survive The Night (Fakhrara) • Sutton’s Case (Wall) • The Arrangement (Avarese) • The Burnt Orange Heresy (Armstrong) • The Call of the Wild (Powell) • The Eight Hundred/Ba Bai (Kawczynski) • The Inglorious Serfs (Vero) • The One and Only Ivan (Armstrong) • The Quarry (McIntosh) • The Rescue/Jin Ji Jiu Yuan (Leung) • The Rhythm Section (Mazzaro) • The Runaways (Swarbrick) • The Shade Shepherd (Mendez) • The Silencing (Blair/Blair) • The Tax Collector (Yezerski) • The Vanished (Chaban) • The Wilderness Night (Olejka) • The Wilds (Martinez) • TKG: The Kids of Grove (Greenwood/Schmechtig) • Undtagelsen/The Exception (Lindstrand) • Villain (May/Ridley) • You Should Have Left (Zanelli)


12 Hour Shift (Glass) • 2050 (Lyrakis) • 2067 (Lampl/Axelholm) • A Stranger Among The Living (Zwelsky) • Alone (Wiedmann) • Antebellum (Wonder/GianArthur) • Archive (Price) • Artemis Fowl (Doyle) • Baba Yaga: Terror of the Dark Forest/Yaga. Koshmar Tyomnogo Lesa (Skachkov) • Black Lake (Burning Tapes) • Blood-Red Ox (Deso) • Bloodshot (Jablonsky) • Bloody Hell (Cachia) • Blumhouse’s Fantasy Island (McCreary) • Brahms: The Boy II (Detar) • Breach (Glasgow) • Caleb (Rochez) • Castle Freak (Frizzi) • Color Out of Space (Stetson) • Come Away (Debney) • Creators: The Past (Zaia) • Deathboard (Gray) • Die Wolf-Gang/The Magic Kids: Three Unlikely Heroes (Weidinger) • Don’t Speak/Silent Place (McGinnes) • Dragonheart Vengeance (McKenzie) • Dreamland (Higgins) • Four Kids and It (Nikitin) • Freaky (McCreary) • Ghosts of War (Suby) • G-Loc (Sweiry) • Godmothered (Portman) • Greenlight (Riepl) • Gretel & Hansel (Coudert) • Heavenquest: A Pilgrim’s Progress (Beard) • Hosts (Symons) • Howling Village/Inunaki mura (Kaida) • Huey (Nelu) • Hunter’s Moon (Taylor) • I Scream on the Beach! (Cœur) • Jingle Jangle (Debney) • La Dernière Vie de Simon/Simon’s Got A Gift (Chandon) • Lucid (Burdens of Parasol) • Monster Hunter (Haslinger) • Monster Run/Guai wu xian sheng (Hatano) • Mortal (Paus) • Nightshift (Fogelström) • Nina of the Woods (Berglund) • Only (Kaefer/Parsons) • Open 24 Hours (Church) • Overtime (Rumbellow) • Possessor (Williams) • Project Power (Trapanese) • Radioflash (Kousha) • Random Acts of Violence (MacNeil/MacPherson) • REALiTY (Kapit) • Reaptown (Carrillo) • Ron Hopper’s Misfortune (Palomares) • Sacrilege (McGinness) • Saint Maud (Bzowski) • Save Yourselves! (Orkin) • Scare Package (Cuervo) • Sea Fever (Franzen) • Seji (Arriati) • Shadow in the Cloud (Bridgman-Cooper) • Snatchers (Thurston) • Spell (Onono) • Sword and Fire/Tiao Deng Zhan She Lu (Heng Keith/Lee) • Tenet (Göransson) • The Ascent (Sweiry) • The Berlin Bride (Todd) • The Claus Family/De Familie Claus (Dern) • The Crumbs (Warlock) • The Dark and The Wicked (Schraeder) • The Empty Man (Young/Lustmord) • The Grotto (Duarte) • The Grudge (The Newton Brothers) • The Gulf of Silence (Rhodes) • The Hunt (Barr) • The Invisible Man (Wallfisch) • The Last Laugh (Bash) • The Midnight Sky (Desplat) • The New Mutants (Snow) • The Old Guard (Bertelmann/O’Halloran) • The Pale Door (Cuervo) • The Platform/El Hoyo (Calleja) • The Promised Neverland/Yakusoku no Neverland (Tokuda) • The Real Exorcist (Mizusawa) • The Rope Curse 2 (Wu) • The Secret Garden (Marianelli) • The Slaughterhouse Killer (Jacobs) • The Special (Avarese) • The Unfamiliar (Mair) • The Witches (Silvestri) • The Wolf of Snow Hollow (Lovett) • The Wretched (Burrows) • They Live Inside Us (Graves) • Unborn Souls/Ofödda Livsandar (Bellucci) • Underwater (Beltrami/Roberts) • Unearth (Saunders) • Upside-Down Magic (Howe) • VFW (Moore) • Vivarium (Andersen) • We Summon The Darkness (Williams) • Welcome to the Blumhouse: Nocturne (Gazelle Twin) • Wendy (Romer/Zeitlin) • Wicked Ones (Gray) • Wish Upon A Unicorn/Unicorn (Wiedmann) • Wonder Woman 1984 (Zimmer) • Z (Allen)


A Christmas Carol (Baranowski) • Animal Crackers (McCreary) • Calamity, Une Enfance de Martha Jane Cannary/Calamity, A Childhood of Martha Jane Cannary (di Concilio) • Deathstroke: Knights and Dragons: The Movie (Riepl) • Die Heinzels: Rückkehr der Heinzelmännchen/The Elfkins (Komlew) • Dragon Rider (Schneider) • Fearless (Dern) • Herobrine Origins: Part IV (Yun) • My Favorite War (Auzans) • Onward (Danna/Danna) • Ooops!2. Two By Two: Overboard!/Ooops! The Adventure Continues (Noone/Garfinkle) • Over the Moon (Price) • Pets United (Newman) • Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs (Zanelli) • Scoob! (Holkenborg) • Soul (Reznor/Ross/Batiste) • Superman: Man of Tomorrow (Riepl) • The Croods: A New Age (Mothersbaugh) • The Willoughbys (Mothersbaugh) • To Your Last Death (Boscio) • Trolls World Tour (Shapiro) • WolfWalkers (Coulais) • Zog and the Flying Doctors (Aubry)


45 Saniye (Zeytinci) • #Unfit (Adams) • ‘Til Kingdom Come/Ad Sof HaOlam (Cutler) • A Band To Honor (Church) • A Planet For Us All (Hoeben) • A Story Revealed (Potthoff) • Action Women (Cappeau) • André & His Olive Tree (Hao) • Asian Americans (Season 1) (Maddala) • Athlete A (Beal) • Audrey (Somers) • Banat Mountains: The Iron Road (Dabrowski) • Belly of the Beast (Fadel) • Berlin 1945: Tagebuch einer Großstadt (Season 1) (Haage) • Charles de Gaulle: Histoire d’Un Géant (Casadesus/Cotti) • Chasing the Present (Hallgrímsson) • Coastal Road Killer (Season 1) (Armony/Raviv) • Colgar Las Alas (Season 1) (Jara) • Cycle of Life (Mudge) • Darkest Dungeon: Documentary (Elsey) • Dave Not Coming Back (Bell/Thibaudeau) • David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet (Price) • De Charlie Hebdo et Bataclan, Les Dernier Secrets des Attentats de 2015 (Mathevon) • Disclosure/Disclosure: Trans Lives on Screen (Le Metre) • El Viaje Más Largo (Marques) • Elephant (Djawadi) • Em Nome de Deus (Season 1) (Dé Palmeira) • Estonia: Funnet Som Endrer Alt (Season 1) (Horntveth) • Fotobonden (Season 1) (Aamodt) • Free Burma Rangers (Nyght) • Frida. Viva La Vida (Anzovino) • Friedemann Vogel: Verkörperung des Tanzes (Küßner) • Grayson’s Art Club (Season 1) (Parsons) • Guardians of the Stars (Kochetkov) • Harbor From The Holocaust (Cannon) • Héritage: Philippines (Cotti) • I Am Greta (Karijord/Ekstrand) • I Am No Bird (Lim) • In Search of Darkness, Part II (various artists) • Jay Sebring…Cutting to the Truth (Beal) • Jozi Gold (Wall) • Kinneret: Sea of Life (Ophir) • La Conquista de Las Ruinas (Deluca) • Landfall (Negrón) • Le Retour de la Nature Sauvage (Guenoun) • Les Vies d’Albert Camus (Casadesus) • L’Impératrice Michiko, La Force du Roseau (Taniélian) • Lives That Matter (Pagel) • Living with Gaudí (Capillas) • Maddy, The Model (Kumlin/Beckman) • Magyar To The Space: Part One (Mesaros) • Marche Avec Les Loups (Amar) • Maybe Next Year (Greenberg) • Meerkat: A Dynasties Special (Merrison/Slater) • Mesnevi’den Hikayeler (Saran) • Muslim In Trump’s America (Kingsley/Farrant) • My Octopus Teacher (Smuts) • No Roses on a Sailor’s Grave (Redfern) • Oliver Sacks: His Own Life (Keane) • Once Upon A Bite/Feng Wei Ren Jian (Season 2) (Chen) • Our Feline Neighbors (Daïma) • Palabras Para Un Fin del Mundo/Words for an End of the World (Palomares) • Paris Occupé: L’Infiltration Nazie (Grilli) • Partiernes Skjulte Overgreb  (Season 1) (Friis) • Positief Getest (Boot) • Public Trust (Nicora/Reynolds) • Queen of Paradis (Lindstrom) • Rebuilding Paradise (Zimmer/Balfe) • Rettet das Dorf (Nigsch) • Rising Phoenix (Pemberton) • Road to Roxham (Aisling) • Royals at War (Barberon/Sylvain Legeai) • Sadan Hanim (Kallis) • San Mao: The Desert Bride (Barceló) • Scandinavian Star (Season 1) (Bjerre) • Show Me the Picture: The Story of Jim Marshall (Arber) • Sigmund Freud, Un Juif Sans Dieu (Lamboley) • Spaceship Earth (Pallett) • Speer Goes To Hollywood (Ilfman) • Squads (Koestner) • Stone Locals (Strickland) • Stories I Don’t Know (McCarron) • Surviving Covid (Parsons) • Syrialism (Jacob) • Ted Bundy: Falling for a Killer (Season 1) (Marx) • The American Runestone (Åström) • The Atom: A Love Affair/The Atom: A Love Story (Honey) • The Book Makers (Gutheinz) • The Fight for Greenland (Helmersson) • The Flying Gold of Arabuko (Willing) • The Forgotten Front: The Resistance in Bologna/ The Forgotten Front: La Resistenza a Bologna (Pedrazzi) • The Ghosts Above (Nelson) • The Girl on the Bridge (Steven) • The Hunger (Paulberg) • The Lost Forest (Jonsson) • The Mark of the Bell Witch (Dalo) • The Mothman Legacy (Dalo) • The Pushback (Cash) • The Real Michael Jackson (Parsons) • The Rise of The Murdoch Dynasty (Season 1) (Schweitzer) • The Rise of the Synths (OGRE Sound) • The State of Texas vs. Melissa (La Pinta) • The Trials of Oscar Pistorius (Season 1) (Atack) • The War and Peace of Tim O’Brien (Mitchell) • The Way I See It (Beltrami/Sanders/Roberts) • Therese: Jenta Som Forsvant (Season 1) (Rudjord) • Tigers: Hunting the Traffickers (Jenhudson) • Tiny World (Season 1) (Wallfisch/Egan) • Treasures from the Tides (Williams) • Trump Card (Miller) • Turning Point (Peters) • Unbekannte Helden (Heschl) • Visible: Out on Television (Season 1) (Neely) • Waiting List (Usanov) • Well Groomed (Deacon) • Wetlands, L’Héritage de Luc Hoffmann/Wetlands, The Legacy of Luc Hoffmann (Guerra) • White Riot (Brouwer) • Wild and Wonderful Denmark (Due/Zwicki/Lledo) • Wild Karnataka (Kej) • Woman (Amar) • You Art (Apolloni)


(Season 1 unless otherwise stated)

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Aftermath (Elekes) • Alors J’ai Préféré La Nuit (Ackermann) • Amal (Franco) • Anacrusis (Ichthus Syne) • Angela (Kündig) • Anna (Reider) • Antikk (Jacob) • As Old As Dirt (Muñoz) • Axe To The Face (Bagalà) • Badges (Collier) • Banality of Evil (Blunsdon) • Banette’s Curse (Rakozy) • BCTV: Endgame (Moss) • Cortège/Parade (Poupart-Taussat) • Dolphin Street (Gonzales) • Doris (Woodcock) • En Drömmares Vandring (Cox) • esCape Town (Mikova) • Faithless (Ponce) • Fantasme (Strauss) • Fetch (Quill) • Good Guy With A Gun (Ciurlizza) • Gooey Goats (Mitchell) • Just Like You (Talos) • Killing Small Animals (Fogelström) • La Última Partida (Belda) • Le Retour des Vagues (Dairaine) • Lucy (Blast) • Magician: Game of Detective (Wen) • Martin (Rivera) • Meta (Peters) • Mom (Dairaine) • Mother Didn’t Know/Mor Visste Ingenting (Preisner) • Muerte Perfumada (Cataño) • Natural Disasters (Tyler) • Prigionieri (Centonze) • Quarantime (Antonelli) • Run, Boy (Milk) • Running Dreams/Álmokfutás (Mesaros) • Ruth (Gori) • Slipping Into Darkness (Zambrano) • Sodrás (Mesaros) • Star Trek: Short Treks – Children of Mars (Russo) • Sweet Potatoes (Ankarfeldt) • The Babysitter (Ampleford) • The Boy in the Snow/Der Junge im Schnee (Eisenfeldt) • The Good Book (Fenoughty) • The Past By June (Taylor) • Those Last Moments (Barker) • Time Stamp (Feder/Mailach) • To Gerard (Minoui) • Une Histoire de Fantômes (Loquet) • White Gold (McEvoy)


Angelus Novus II (Gómez) • Before & After the Bomb (Maiovvi) • Better Angels (DAV) • Birth of Planet Earth (Avarese) • Blockbuster: The James Cameron Story (Lascurain) • Blood Wedding (Vagg/Gardiner) • Chronofilm (Wheeler) • Claire Della and the Moon (Hornsby) • Come to the Rescue (Kraemer) • DNA of a Leader (Fonda) • Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Frederick) • Escape the Dark Sector (Crispin) • Faster Than Light (Avarese) • Frankenstein (Kinsella) • Ghostbox (Season 2) (Ray) • HYPNOPOLIS (Nowottny/Ford) • Macbeth (Çakıcı) • Oliver, Memorias de un Hombre Silente (Cataño) • Project Gemini 1999 (Frenzel) • Rise of Lima the Warrior (Ibrahim) • The Girl in the Midnight Gown (Lehnert) • The Musical Anthology of His Dark Materials (Season 2) (Balfe) • Travelogue Volume 1 (Giacchino) • Vagabondo (Milizia) • Variants (Barton) • Viajando Con La Luz (de la Puente) • Virus (Fredenmark) • Wrong Way (Caravaggi) • Yangınlar/Incendies (Kaplangı)

  4 comments for “2020 Reel Music Awards – 2020 scores for consideration

  1. February 9, 2021 at 3:29 pm

    Hi Alan,

    Lovely to hear from and am glad you are still listening to score, I am going to devour your post this evening!!!!

    Best, Ley


    • February 9, 2021 at 3:50 pm

      Hi Ley,
      There’s a lot there to try to absorb! Maybe wait until the nominations post (hoping to get this up in the next couple of weeks).

      • February 10, 2021 at 1:08 pm

        OK will do, look forward to it.

  2. February 10, 2021 at 6:44 pm

    Alan, Thanks so much for checking out our lil’ indie film Blood From Stone and considering our score for your nominations! Really appreciate you giving it a shot. Our composer really did build a unique sound for the world we were trying to evoke and it’s wonderful to see his work get this recognition – especially amongst some truly iconic composers from around the world! Quite an impressive list!

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