SPRING – Torin Borrowdale

Spring is a short, animated film produced by Blender Animation Studio which has been produced to showcase the capabilities of Blender’s open-source computer graphics software. The movie follows a shepherd girl and her dog as they come face-to-face with some ancient spirits. Director Andreas Goralczyk (who also wrote the story) has created a world that looks gorgeous and which has a feel of folklore running through it and mystery and a sprinkling of humour added for good measure. The film is strongly supported by a score written by Torin Borrowdale (who previously scored the 2018 thriller Searching).

Borrowdale’s music adds much of the fantasy feel of Spring with wordless female vocals, Thomas Newman-esque piano, expressive fiddle and celeste. The solo fiddle is the strongest aspect of the score and gives a Celtic feel to Spring’s world. The movie features no dialogue, so the score comes to the fore and helps to propel the story along in the absence of the spoken word. Borrowdale’s music conveys mystery in “Monument” and there’s an energy to the brief track “Chase”. There’s also a brief motif featured throughout the score in various forms that links directly into the narrative. When the motif appears in the film itself – associated with a particular character – there’s a familiarity that gives a sense of history to that character. The album closes with “Spring” where the score swells, and we hear a full statement of the main thematic material.

Though short, Spring is a very memorable score. There’s a strong identity to Borrowdale’s musical world which adds greatly to the overall charm of the animation. The score comes with a strong recommendation particularly if you hear the score in the context of the movie.

The album can be purchased HERE or at other online stores as a digital download. The movie can be viewed HERE.

Rating: ***½/*****

  1. Valley (1:14)
  2. Monument (1:28)
  3. Bloom (0:32)
  4. Chase (0:35)
  5. Spring (2:07)

Running Time: 5:59

Records DK (2019)

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