Looking forward to 2019

The beginning of the new year means looking back over the year just gone. And that reflection includes the giving of awards. But, a new year also has us looking forward, anticipating what’s to come. And a new year of film, television and video game scores is always an exciting time. The expectancy of projects pencilled in for a 2019 release (and their associated scores) and the joy of an unexpected find that comes out-of-the-blue, it’s all part of the thrill of having a keen love for this genre of music.

The previous 12 months have been a frustrating time for Reel Music. Listening to so much music has meant that there’s been little time for review writing, especially to the level of detail and depth of argument I tend to write for my reviews. I just find it really difficult to be concise! Together, the end result is that months go by without any reviews being written and published. This is frustrating enough, but to add to this is the knowledge that I’m not alerting people to some of the great music that I frequently come across; music that I want to alert a wider audience.

So, how can things change for the better. I don’t want to listen to any less music, so I have to change how my reviews are written. Therefore, from now on, Reel Music will be adopting a more concise approach to review writing. Rather than going into great detail about a score, I will be condensing my thoughts into 1-2 short paragraphs in an attempt to summarise in a bite-sized chunk my thoughts on the score. As well as helping me to post more, I hope that this new format will help people to get a sense quickly of the characteristics of a score and, perhaps help readers decide whether a score that is reviewed is one that they want to seek out.

I may even tweak with the look of the site.

So, over the next few days look out for Reel Music being back on a regular basis as I go on about the great music (old and new) that’s about.

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