2018 Reel Music Awards – The Nominations

2018 Reel Music Awards

It’s been a busy time for music listening over the past year: the availability of music written for media including film, television and video games seems to be becoming easier, giving the opportunity for listeners to sample a wide range of music. As with previous years, there has been some great music to listen to and – as usual – my Reel Music Awards highlights some of the great music to hear.

Over the course of the year, I have been giving numerical values to all of the scores that I have listened to and making a few notes to act as memory jogs for this end-of-year summary. Towards the end of 2018, I began a review process to shortlist my stand-out lists. The titles listed below are my Top 10* titles that I have enjoyed most and are divided into a number of different categories. It’s difficult to articulate the decision process for choosing the various scores: there’s no formal mechanism, it’s how the music makes me feel both as a separate listening experience and – if I am lucky – how the music sits within the medium for which it was written. As with previous years, many worthy titles have, unfortunately, didn’t feature in the final choices.

Hopefully, readers will see these awards as a celebration of the excellent music being written for the various genres. The various category winners and my overall choice of ‘score of 2018’ will be announced on Monday, 4th February 2019. [Read more…]

2018 Reel Music Awards – 2018 scores for consideration

2018 Reel Music Awards

It’s that time of the year again – Awards Season. As with last year, as part of the lead up to announcing my nominations (and eventual winners) of the stand-out scores of 2018, I thought that I would take some time and list all of the titles of the movies, TV shows, games, etc released in 2018 whose score I have listened to and assessed. There’s such a wide range of ways to listen to music nowadays in addition to hearing it in the medium for which it was written, and the lists below have been accessed via a range of different ways: for example, as heard in the medium for which it was written, on CD, as a digital download or via a streaming service.

The main reason for listing all these scores is so that, if anyone is curious, you can see the range of titles assessed. Also, my lists may highlight some titles that you may have previously thought were unavailable to listen to. Titles released in 2018 for ‘archival titles’ (i.e., music albums released in 2018 to movies, TV shows, etc. released in 2017 or previously) are not listed here.

The 2018 Reel Music Awards nomination lists will be posted soon! [Read more…]