2016 Reel Music Awards – The Winners

reel-music-awards-20162016 Reel Music Awards

I always look forward to going back over the past year when trying to finalise my favourite scores for that year but, by the time the process has ended, I am exhausted and glad it’s over! It’s such a difficult job trying to whittle down dozens of scores (usually for each category) into a choice of ten nominations, and then decide which titles comes out on top. But, the decisions have been made and below are the fruits of my deliberations: my favourite scores for 2016.

This year – more than any other – I have found myself shying away from the scores that feature huge orchestras and/or a massive choral presence and being more receptive to the smaller-scale efforts that, to me at least, seen to focus more on the ‘less-is-more’ mantra. It goes without saying that many of the larger-scale projects have some great thematic material and some impressive ideas but the inventiveness of some of the scores that feature a more limited number of instruments has caught my ear and that’s reflected in many of my choices. [Read more…]

2016 Reel Music Awards – The Nominations

reel-music-awards-20162016 Reel Music Awards

Now that most of the music for 2016 has been released (I hope so anyway) it’s time for Reel Music to take a look back over the year just passed. I thought that 2016 was another good year for film, television and videogames music and here I want to highlight some of the scores that I particularly enjoyed and which have stood out above the rest. It’s not about what’s the ‘best’ scores of the year though; it’s more a celebration of the music that are favourites of mine.

As with previous years, I have several categories into which the year’s output has been divided and within each category I have chosen (or ‘nominated’) my favourite ten scores*. It’s difficult to articulate the decision process for choosing the various scores: there’s no formal mechanism, it’s how the music makes me feel both as a separate listening experience and – if I am lucky – how the music sits within the medium for which it was written. The quality of music written in 2016 has been very high and many worthy titles have, unfortunately, had to be put to one side and don’t feature in my selections.

I am hoping that my choices will be of interest to people and I would always welcome any feedback on my selections (or my omissions!) I hope that you will want to check out any unfamiliar titles I have listed.

The winners will be announced on Monday, 30th January 2017. [Read more…]