PERIHELION – Gergö Elekes

Original Review by Alan RogersPerihelion

Written and directed by József Gallai, Perihelion (2015) is a short Hungarian film about a husband who is trying to live his life after the death of his wife. He tries to live his life, carrying out the usual every day routines unchanged since the death of his true love: he sets out a second place at the dinner table. His adherence to his past life only reinforces the loss he has suffered. He spends much of his time putting his thoughts down on paper, typing away on his typewriter. We hear his thoughts, his outpouring of feelings with the words based upon the works of Hungarian poet Beke Tamás Tarsoly. His thoughts are of only loneliness and despair. The director, together with cinematographer Gergő Elekes, sucks any hope the man may have out of the film by using cold dark blue hues, drab grey tones and dark shadows. As well as reinforcing the husband’s emotional state, these cinematic choices also brings out in stark relief the flashbacks the man experiences when he thinks of happier times with his wife: bright golden sunlight-infused light frames these briefest of memories. [Read more…]