Reel Music: 2014 in review

In 2014, Reel Music was visited by more than 10,000 people from 127 countries. A huge thank you everyone – film music listeners and composers alike – who took the time to visit this modest site dedicated to raising the profile of music written for smaller projects. It’s great to see a healthy interest in the music being composers for these titles.

Over the past year, Reel Music received over 17,000 views – almost double the number of views compared with 2013. Many, many thanks! The reviews that were visited most were Fuga (Arturo Díez Boscovich), Faan se Trein (Nik Sakellarides), Que d’Amour (Philippe Jakko), Farfars Fabrik (Eric Väpnargård) and SPATE (Mike Raznick).

Most visitors to Reel Music came from the United States, followed by Spain, the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Sweden.

Thank you all again for supporting Reel Music with your visits and comments. It’s all very much appreciated by us and from the correspondence I receive many of the composers whose music I review are pleased to have their music highlighted. I’m currently putting the final touches to my nominations for 2014 Reel Music Awards (which should be posted in the next 2-3 weeks). Here’s to a great 2015 where we hope to have a more regular flow of new reviews.

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