THE RED ENVELOPE – Jorge Corante & Andrés de la Torre

Original Review by Alan RogersThe Red Envolope

The Red Envelope is a short fantasy film from 2013 directed by Owen Schwartzbard. Opening in 1920s China, it stars Matthew Gallenstein as Roy – an American living in China – who comes across an ancient Chinese curse. At the centre of the curse is the ghost of a woman, Xiao Ling (Yuanyuan Lu). She has been cursed because of some terrible event carried out in a past life. What this deed is must be discovered in order for the curse to lifted and for Xiao Ling to be at peace. The film follows the pair as they move back through time (to her various past lives) searching for the moment when the woman’s fate was sealed. The orchestral score for The Red Envelope is a collaboration between composer/songwriter/producer Jorge Corante and Spanish composer Andrés de la Torre. Both composers have written for a number of movie projects, with de la Torre’s score for the 2006 animated film Gritos en el Pasillo (Going Nuts) receiving two nominations at the Jerry Goldsmith International Film Music Awards. [Read more…]

YELLOW – Julian Kantus

Original Review by Alan RogersYellow

Yellow is a low-budget German-language short thriller written and directed by Rene Zhang. Starring Lani Nguyen as Jean, a struggling actress who experiences a series of bizarre events seemingly triggered after taking the drug called, “Yellow.” An early trailer for the film takes the form of a drug information film and an official-sounding voice-over lists a worryingly long list of side-effects which include a number of “abnormal behaviours”, e.g., aggressiveness, agitation, hallucination, confusion and risk of suicide…all characteristics that feature prominently in the film. Yellow is scored by young German singer/songwriter Julian Kantus and this short film appears to be his first major scoring project. The main thrust of the album is the prominent presence of synths, particularly easy-to-listen rhythms whose main purpose in the film is to provide tension and drive to the on-screen action. [Read more…]