My Favourite Scores – 1944

Double indemnity

  • Double Indemnity
  • Miklós Rózsa
  • Koch Records / 1997 / 26:26

This is Rózsa at his film noir best – probably. James Sedares & the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra’s accomplished suite starts off with the well-known title theme that, from the outset of the score, tells the vigilant audience that no-one is going to emerge from the film happily. Although the score is devoid of much “action music”, there are several memorable themes that deliver the required emotional responses: a “full-on” love theme and a restless “film noir-ish” theme/motif. The score oozes many of the trademark sounds that goes to make up the so-called “Rózsa Sound.”

There’s also an 8-minute suite of music from Double Indemnity to be found on Tadlow Music’s 2008 release of Rózsa’s El Cid that’s also worth hearing.



  1. It is a favorite score of mine also, in fact that the Killers and Lost Weekend make it a trifecta!

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