Original Review by Alan RogersThe Candidate

I recommend that you stop reading this review at this point and watch David Karlak’s 2011 short film The Candidate (can be viewed HERE) before returning to this review and continuing on. I wouldn’t normally steer people away from reading my reviews but in this instance it would serve Karlak’s movie a grave injustice if you read this review and then went and watched the film. The Candidate is one of the best short films I have seen in a long time: the opening sequence alone – where we see the film’s main character, Burton Grunzer (played by Tom Gulager), dissect the faults of his work nemesis, Whitman Hayes (Thomas Duffy) – is beautifully crafted and draws you into the Twilight Zone-styled story for the full 20 minutes running time. It is best to see the film with as little knowledge of the film as possible. So stop now and see you back here in 20 minutes or so. [Read more…]