TO REST IN PEACE – Leah Curtis

Original Review by Alan RogersTo Rest In Peace

Written and directed by Fawaz Al-Matrouk, To Rest In Peace is a short film that examines the inner strength shown by seemingly ordinary people when they find themselves in severe situations. Inspired by true events, the film is set in Kuwait during the first Gulf War. Day after day, a local Kuwaiti man passes two dead bodies in the street and no one seems to be taking responsibility for their burial. The bodies have been left in the street as an example from the occupying Iraqis to those considering becoming resistance fighters. [Read more…]

MAKER vs. MARKER – Brian Sadler

Original Review by Alan RogersMaker vs Marker

Composer and U.S. Navy’s Seventh Fleet Band trombone player Brian Sadler’s score for the online Flash-based video game Ace Pilot: Infinity Drifter was one of my surprise scores of last year. Exciting and bursting with great thematic material, I have been waiting to hear what his next project would be. UK animator and concept/storyboard artist Jonny Lawrence’s 2-minute stop-motion animation, Maker vs. Marker, has had great success on YouTube, having had (to date) almost three million hits. [Read more…]

BROADCHURCH – Ólafur Arnalds

Original Review by Alan RogersBroadchurch

Broadchurch is the critically acclaimed crime drama that hit British TV screens in the spring of 2013. Shown over 8 weeks, it has been compared with quality Scandinavian dramas such as The Killing and The Bridge partly because of Broadchurch’s whole feel and look. One of the reasons the drama gripped the audience was the story’s focus on how the death of a young boy affected both the boy’s family and the wider community and how both family and the close-knit community showed severe signs of strain as the police investigation progressed to a conclusion. Icelandic composer Ólafur Arnalds – who wrote a strings and piano-based score for the drama Another Happy Day – compliments the over-riding sense of tragedy, melancholy and grief [Read more…]

WILL – Julian Kleiss

Original Review by Alan RogersWill (2012)

A year end Californian Institute of the Arts (CalArts) project directed by Eusong Lee, Will (2012) is a 5-minute animated short that focuses on a girl who is finding it difficult coming to terms with the death of her father has been killed on 9/11. We see her listening to a voicemail message left by her father when he tried to call her during the chaotic moments between the two plane impacts. She is looking at photos and newspaper clippings of the disaster that are strewn across the floor of the apartment. The girl wishes that time could be turned back. As she is playing with a yo-yo (given to her by her dad), we see the fall of the yo-yo mirroring her dad falling from the World Trade Center tower. As the toy drops to its lowest point we see the father’s fall halted and he is momentarily suspended in mid-air. [Read more…]


Original Review by Alan RogersLa Belles des Dames

La Belles des Dames (The Beautiful Ladies) is a score for a film that I know nothing about. A search of Google throws up results that only list this soundtrack on online store websites. Even the English translation of the film title is a (possibly dubious) translation from Google Translate. The various online stores thown up by an online search list the score’s composer as one Jim Birkett. One Jim Birkett does have a website that lists him as “film music composer/producer/artist” but his website lists only a number of Soundcloud tracks and no biographical information. [Read more…]

ADAM AND DOG – Joey Newman

Original Review by Alan RogersAdam and Dog

Adam and Dog is an Oscar-nominated short animated film from first-time director Minkyu Lee. Two years in the making, Lee’s experience as a Disney animator shows in this beautifully-realised animated Garden of Eden tale. The eponymous Dog is inquisitive about its surroundings, investigating everything in this apparently new world of his. He eventually meets Adam and after an initial wariness, they become friends and firm companions. However, their friendship is put at risk when Adam’s attention is diverted by the appearance of a woman (Eve). The dog is quickly ignored and abandoned. Adam and Dog examines the companionship and loyalty exhibited in the special relationship between man and dog. [Read more…]


Original Review by Alan RogersDie Eylandt Recherche

Imagine browsing through the latest digital releases at your favourite online store, absent-mindedly clicking through album after album of film/TV scores you’ve never heard of, written by composers that you haven’t come across before. Then you upon a score that stops you in your tracks and, in a moment, your attention has been grabbed and you are immediately focused on the next 30 seconds (the usual length of the online store’s audio clip for those who don’t frequent online music stores for digital releases). Eric Babak’s music for Die Eylandt Recherche is great example of just such an experience. It is immediately arresting. [Read more…]