Summer break

Reel Music will be taking a break for the next few weeks. Thanks for supporting the blog and I look back to posting more reviews towards the end of August.


Original Review by Alan RogersJens Jensen

Jens Jensen (1860-1951) was a Danish-American landscape architect who set his mind to battle against the advancing industrial expansion of Chicago at the turn of the 20th century, to create green spaces (the “Living Green”) so people could have access to nature. Jensen created and re-designed numerous parks in order to improve the lives of the inhabitants of the great city, believing that access to nature lifted peoples’ spirits and benefiting society as a whole. As part of his plans, Jensen wanted to use native American plants and flowers rather than import exotic types, making naturalistic parks full of flowers (and materials) in environments where these flowers would flourish. [Read more…]

ELLEN – Gareth Coker

Original Review by Alan RogersEllen

Ellen is a short, suspense thriller directed by Kyle Hausmann-Stokes as his thesis project whilst at the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts. It centres on an insecure high school girl who is abducted and held prisoner in a non-descript suburban house. The kidnapper is very meticulous about his time keeping apparently and he ensures that Ellen (Jessica Andres) is constantly drugged up whilst he’s out to work (as a home help). Ellen must overcome her insecurity and lack of confidence in her own abilities (established in the opening scene of the film) in order to fashion her escape from her captor. [Read more…]

BAD KIDS – Jacob Rosati

Original Review by Alan RogersBad Kids

Co-written and co-directed by Peter Rosati and Dominic Rodriquez, Bad Kids is the story of seven boys who leave home (for unknown reasons) and set off (to an unknown destination) in search of adventure. The short film follows the group for three days as they build campfires, play various games and kill for their dinner. Because of the subject matter and the whole feel of how the film is shot, Bad Kids reminds me of films such as Lord of The Flies and Stand By Me. As well as directing, various members of the Rosati family are involved in other areas of the film’s production (for example, young actor Shebl Rosati plays Trevor, one of the main characters in the film). [Read more…]

LA BELLES DES DAMES – Jim Birkett (update)

After having watched Raphaël Lutran’s short film La Belles des Dames, I have a added a few additional comments to the review of the music. My review to Jim Birkett’s score can be found HERE.

HYBRIDS – Sam Hulick

Original Review by Alan RogersHybrids

Earth has been occupied by an alien race for almost a year. Hybrids, a Canadian short film written and directed by one-time visual effects artist Patrick Kalyn (King Kong, Avatar, District 9), tells the story of Dakota (Daniella Evangelista) who is seeking revenge on the alien invaders responsible for the death of her daughter. Produced by the company who were behind the Neill Blomkamp short that became District 9, Hybrids has the visual confidence associated with the very successful South African predecessor and is impressive both technically and visually. [Read more…]

LIMBO – A. Taylor

Original Review by Alan RogersLimbo

American director/editor Eliot Rausch’s short film, Limbo, tells the story of three “undocumented” students who live in East Los Angeles. As part of a “social experiment”, each student were given a hand-held video camera for three months in 2012 and asked document their lives. Rausch then edited the footage down to make this twenty minute documentary. What we see is how each student balances their lives between trying to get an education (they want to become either a lawyer or a journalist) and working to support the rights of illegal immigrants (in one particular sequence it’s noted that their best way to avoid being deported is to to get involved rather than to shy away from the spotlight and remain anonymous). [Read more…]