GOODIE – Jesper Hansen

Original Review by Alan Rogers

Goodie is a short drama film released in 2011 from The Red Dog Film Company, a “Community Interest Company”. A family of superheroes saves a community from natural disaster (tornadoes in Lincolnshire) but tragedy strikes the family and the remainder of the film deals with issues such as loss and grief. Young Danish composer Jesper Hansen focuses on the emotions associated with the impact of loss on those left behind (and in some ways, also on those who are dying), and delivers a memorable strings-based score which has, at its heart, an evocative adagio theme for the head of the superhero family. [Read more…]

LAST BREATH – Vincent Gillioz

Original Review by Alan Rogers (First uploaded at

Written, directed and starring Ty Jones, Last Breath seems, at first sight, to be just another torture-horror movie where the protagonists find themselves trapped and at the mercy of a sadistic killer hell-bent on making his captures suffer for 90 minutes or so before killing everyone or being killed themselves (perhaps). However, Jones’ first directorial feature is not all that it seems to be. Released to both popular and critical acclaim in 2010 the film stars the director and Mandy Bannon as Michael and Tina Johnson, a couple whose once-happy marriage has come under severe pressure from various directions and is at risk of collapse. Finding themselves trapped in an abandoned warehouse and being stalked by a “Dark Figure” (Aaron Laue), the film follows the pair as they make a series of choices that will decide both their and their son’s future. A revelatory twist at the end of the film then takes the couple (as well as the audience) down a path that has everyone re-examining the film’s events. [Read more…]