Ten Tracks Today – 21st November 2011

01 – “The Source” – Doctor Who: Series 4Murray Gold

It’s easy to forget sometimes that Gold’s music slows down a bit and becomes such an emotional cornerstone for the time traveller’s escapades. The first half illustrates this well with some trademark strings/brass combinations typical of the composer’s music for Doctor Who. I like how, just as you think that the music is about to go all action-y, Gold pulls the orchestra back from the brink and continues on with the delicate scoring.

02 – “Washington’s Men / Indy’s Home” – Raiders of The Lost ArkJohn Williams

This short track gives a wonderful choral prelude to the Ark Theme that will feature in the climax to the film. Little hints of the Raiders theme itself then finishes off the track. A bit of an inconsequential addition to the collector’s edition of the score but nice to hear some variations of familiar themes.

03 – “Theme” – 3 Days of The CondorDave Grusin

This version here is one that Geoff Love recorded for his “Big Terror Movie Themes” album – one of the earliest film music albums I ever owned. This is a great rendition of Grusin’s excellent theme and Love manages to nail the whole feel of the original.

04 – “Guardian of Metropolis” – Superman Returns: The GameColin O’Malley

There’s some great music written for the game version of Superman and this track highlights a great fanfaric theme for the Caped One. Not as memorable as Williams’ iconic theme but O’Malley’s theme is well worth a listen. This score could do with a re-recording using a live orchestra.

05 – “Rex Steele” – Rex Steele: Nazi SmasherRyan Shore

Another great fanfare of a theme, this time for the derring-do Rex Steele. Great, exuberant brass playing required for this fanfare! Shore’s theme just makes you want to get out there and kick some ass!

06 – “The Request / The Genie’s Home / The Fight With The Roc / The Nest / The Dragon” – The 7th Voyage of SinbadBernard Herrmann

This is from Prometheus’ complete original score release from 2009. Other versions may sound better but it’s great to hear Herrmann’s score in its original form. Herrmann’s scoring is so evocative: delicate, romantic, sinister, brutal. All in one admittedly long track (over 11 minutes).

07 – “Encuentro En El Parque” – Tiempo De TormentaÁngel Illarramendi

Illarramendi composes some wonderfully beautiful music and this score is a good example. This particular track has a lovely statement of a main theme from the film and finishes off with a string solo that’s full of emotion and sadness. A lot of his work reminds me of the better-known composer Georges Delerue.

08 – “Cher Edward / Générique Début” – Tiré à PartJean-Philippe Goude

This piano-led theme (with additional strings) is a theme that has an energy of its own and it’s the rhythm that Goude imparts to the music that’s responsible for this. Quite a simple piece of music but the addition of a sinewy woodwind adds an additional level of interest. A nice chamber orchestra track.

09 – “Générique de Fin” – The Double Life of VeroniqueZbigniew Preisner

A haunting woodwind theme this one that forms part of an album that is relatively short. It is certainly one of those themes that, for some reason, sticks in the memory long after the music ends.

10 – “Orcas” – Icy Killers: Secrets of Alaskan Salmon SharksAlan Williams

Quite an non-descript track this one, but the mix of percussion and acoustic guitar makes for an interesting listen. Not a track that’s supporting action, rather it just really gives a sense of a feeling.


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