Ten Tracks Today – 23rd October 2011

01 – “The King’s Highway” – Bubba Ho-TepBrian Tyler

This is such a catchy tune that it brightens any playlist. I particularly enjoy the way that the guitar goes off and embellishes the melody. A great instrumental track. And quite different from Tyler’s orchestral scoring.

02 – “Neutralizer / Kelvan Theme / More Neutralizers / Broken Blocks” – Star Trek: By Any Other NameFred Steiner

There was such excellent music composed for these original Star Trek episodes. Sequence after sequence of recognisable music that seemed to be frequently used in various episodes. And because music from these tracks was cut-and-pasted into these shows hearing them (I assume) in their original settings, short passages stand out when heard here. And a great re-recording too.

03 – “Main Title” – Mountains of The MoonMichael Small

Quite an uplifting theme this one with some bright brass fanfares and full string playing, it’s quite unlike what I am used to with Small’s other works that I heard before hearing this (e.g., The China Syndrome, Klute, The Star Chamber).

04 – “End Cast” – Family PlotJohn Williams

I have not seen the film but these ethereal female vocals at the start seem a bit out of place somehow for a Hitchcock film. Maybe I should hunt out the film? Harpsichord added to the mix is just intriguing. From Williams’ score it seems quite a light film.

05 – “La Verde Prateria (2a Versione)” – Testa T’Ammazzo, Croce…Sei Morto…Mi Chiamano AllelujaStelvio Cirpiani

More harpsichord with this early ’70s Western. The usual suspects here for a Morricone-lite sound. But there’s a nice rhythm that’s played throughout the track with a bit of a theme that’s passed between woodwinds and other instruments.

06 – “Cinderella Man” – Cinderella ManThomas Newman

Newman when he is in his quirky score mode is fun but when he’s in full orchestral mode is when he’s at his best. And this track is Newman on top form. Grand, bold and uplifting, this track is recognisably Thomas Newman in style.

07 – “Rock Island, 1931” – Road To PerditionThomas Newman

This is a treat! Two great Thomas Newman tracks back-to-back. It starts off quite quietly but once it gets going it’s such a memorable piece. Personally, I prefer the string-heavy interludes over the Celtic woodwinds, but together they make for an excellent track. Going for a Thomas Newman hat-trick…?

08 – “Tauchgang” – Expeditionen Ins Tierreich: Abenteuer NordseeKolja Erdmann

Nope. Some nice documentary music from Erdmann. Synth-based (unfortunately), but the rhythm and subtle percussion make this an interesting 90 seconds.

09 – “Snakes Alive” – Live and Let DieGeorge Martin

I came quite late to Martin’s James Bond effort – and I am still to be 100% convinced by it. When he uses the familiar Bond devices and quotes the movie’s theme it’s worth hearing. Not so sure about the rest. Not one of my favourite James Bond movies either.

10 – “Preparing For Flight” – Sky BanditsAlfi Kabiljo

A score that’s not heard much in “Now Playing” playlists but this score has a good action film theme – which gets a good (though brief) airing in this relatively short track.


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