Ten Tracks Today – 9th October 2011

01 – “No Sacrifice, No Victory” – TransformersSteve Jablonsky

This track from Jablonsky’s score is typical of the music as a whole: fun and immensely listenable. The theme featured most in this cue is obviously not original in terms of how it sounds: it’s typical MediaVentures/Remote Control scoring. And that’s not a bad thing. It’s a track that’s not too wall-to-wall sound and is emotional as well as patriotic. The music is not a main player in such a visual feast of a film but it does stand up well as a stand alone listen.

02 – “Heading To The Human World” – Arthur et La Vengeance de MaltazardEric Serra

The track features a nice ostinato figure through it that’s the focus of some delicate pizzicato strings and more ominous, industrial-influenced material. A short track but it has a great flow to it that’s a breath of fresh air in terms of feeling.

03 – “Shipping News” – The Shipping NewsChristopher Young

A score and theme that has a strong emotional tie for me (maybe one day I’ll devote a blog entry to it). The theme itself is such a wonderful piece of music (soaring and full of emotion) and is a fine example of what makes film music such a great genre to listen to. It’s very Celtic in its influences in terms of its instrumentation – penny whistle and Bodhran drum – and the way it builds to a full-blooded statement of the theme sends shivers down my spine every time I hear it.

04 – “The Ice Titan” – Castlevania: Lords of ShadowÓscar Araujo

Not being a gamer I had never come across the game nor the composer until I heard all the online chatter about Araujo’s score. And it’s chatter that is well deserved. This is an epic score and this track highlights the score well. Great action scoring (string writing, brass and wonderful choral passages) it’s a great advert for how good game scoring is today.

05 – “Red Mercury” – WarhawkChristopher Lennertz

Talk about examples of great game scoring! Powerful, gutsy and all being held together by an impressive theme, Lennertz pulls out all the stops to deliver an adrenaline-fuelled cue. It’s tracks such as this that makes me want to take up gaming.

06 – “Love Theme” – Barry LyndonThe Chieftains

I only came across The Chieftains’ music for this film only recently and this cue has become a firm favourite. Solo fiddle starts things off with a lovely rendition of the love theme before we here more Celtic-influenced instruments enter the mix. It all comes together in a beautiful piece.

07 – “Training” – A Shot At GloryMark Knopfler

It’s funny how iTunes sometimes seems to focus on a particular style of music when it’s supposed to be “random”. Tonight it seems to be Celtic-influenced music. Here we have more Bodhran drumming, but this time we have accordion and electric guitar (well it is composed by Mark Knopfler). It’s quite an energetic piece that’s certainly a “toe-tapper”. Good stuff indeed.

08 – “Kant” – Aphrodites NachtDieter Schleip

This score is on a 2 CD selection of scores from Schleip and this particular track is a quiet acoustic guitar piece (supplemented by piano and what sounds like a mandolin) that has a lovely melody. I know nothing of the film but it’s a piece of music that stands up well as a piece of music away from the image.

09 – “Going Up” – Killzone 2Joris de Man

More great videogame scoring. A tense ostinato dominates this piece. I am a sucker for this type of scoring: ostinato, prominent percussion and urgent strings.

10 – “Miłość (Love)” – Czas HonoruBartosz Chajdecki

Again, ostinato strings are the driving force of this cue. Over the strings there’s various brass and strings playing a melodic line. It’s a light track with a lot of movement courtesy of the string rhythms. The track finishes off with a fast piano passage and pizzicato strings.


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