My Favourite Scores – 1935


  • She
  • Max Steiner
  • Tribute Film Classics / 2008 / 69:42

I never really appreciated the quality of Max Steiner’s She until I heard Tribute Film Classics’ re-recording. I was familiar with this score as I already had the original score recording that had been released by Brigham Young/Film Music Archives. But that recording – though remarkable considering that it is a recording from 1935 – does show its age. With the re-recording Steiner’s score just shines.

Original Soundtrack

What is so wonderful about this score is Steiner’s hypnotic and intoxicating main theme, best heard at the beginning of “The Queen / Tanya In Bed” for when She first appears. That particular passage, when compared with the original recording, highlights just how much can not be heard! The beguiling use of the wordless choir  in such a way must surely have been in the minds of composers scoring TV’s Star Trek many years later.

I usually have to approach Steiner’s music with a certain amount of trepidation since I usually only like my mickey-mousing film scoring in very small doses (She does have a smattering of this style of scoring). But there’s so much more that is there to enjoy in the whole score.

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