Ten Tracks Today – 5th October 2011 (Part 2)

01 – “Different Trains” – xXx²: State of The UnionMarco Beltrami

Beltrami is a favourite of mine and this score should have really been released as a score album. It is full of typical Beltrami action scoring. Great rhythms, bold brass statements and furious strings.

02 – “The Hand of God” – Terminator: The Sarah Connor ChroniclesBear McCreary

This score wasn’t as enjoyable as I had hoped it would be. It didn’t delivery on my expectations either as a Terminator score or as a McCreary score (which is my fault as I was hoping for a percussion-dominated score like his Battlestar Galactica scores). But this track does have solid percussion alongside quite an emotional feel to things. Hearing it now, the woodwind hints at Caprica still to come.

03 – “Mind Heist” – Inception (Trailer Music) – Zack Hemsey

I am not sure of how the use of this music came about but it certainly has the feel of Zimmer’s music for the feature film. Love the clarion call of the brass halfway through and the passage that follows.

04 – “Title Theme” – HadleighTony Hatch

A TV theme from my childhood (from about 1969!), therefore will be a complete mystery to most (if not all) who read this. It’s a theme that is dominated by quick strings. And it is another example of how a memorable theme has a slightly annoying filling bridge portion before the theme is re-stated at the end.

05 – “Prologue and Main Title (Album Version)” – Star Trek: The Search For SpockJames Horner

Part 2 of Horner’s Star Trek double-header. I have always found this score to be the lesser of the two (but not by much). Being used to the original release for years this never had as much action scoring in it as I wanted but the recent expanded release adds a lot to my enjoyment of the score. Horner’s theme for these films soars.

06 – “Opening Credits” – PathfinderJonathan Elias

Not a score I listen to often, but it does through up some great cues such as this. I like the use of chorus (a bit animalistic) and the percussive drive of the track.

07 – “Phenomena: Film Version I” – PhenomenaGoblin/Claudio Simonetti

A great little cue this one. I like the synths (can be a bit hit and miss synths) together with the female vocal (melody rather than the screaming).

08 – “La Séparation” – SaganArmand Amar

A sad-sounding piano line in this track that’s augmented slightly by strings. It’s not that memorable but it is enjoyable whilst it is playing.

09 – “Father and Son” – ReversalJeff Danna

One of my favourite Danna scores this one. Typical Jeff Danna with some wonderfully rustic instrumentation: mandolin, guitar, recorder, piano. It’s a lovely melodic track and always brings a smile to my face.

10 – “Mandolini e Chitarre” – Gente Di RispettoEnnio Morricone

One of Morricone’s loveliest themes this one and wonderfully played on mandolin and guitar. Very evocative of Italy/Sicily in style.


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