Ten Tracks Today – 5th September 2011

01 – “You’re Here” – 8 BallSean Schafer Hennessey

Quite a sad beginning to the 10 tracks today. The track features strings only building as the cue progresses: a bit like Barber’s “Adagio For Strings” but not as powerful. Towards the end of the cue there is the tinkling of a hesitant piano.

02 – “Taniec Eleny (Wariant II)” – BandytaMichal Lorenc

This is a great track. The melody used here is very firmly rooted in a geographic location: Eastern Europe. And it does have a Jewish feel to it also. It is a cue that could be used for dancing – probably because of the inclusion of the hand clapping.

03 – “Main Title” – Godzilla vs MegaguirusMichiru Oshima

Short and to the point at just over 30 seconds in length. A few brass fanfares and a hint of a theme that reminds me of something from a recent video game like Super Mario Galaxy!

04 – “My Big Black Assault Weapon” – S.W.A.T.Elliot Goldenthal

This is a big kick-ass track this with its urban drum kit beat. It’s not what I’d call “typical Goldenthal” but then what is. There are some hints of his trademark sounds but not too many.

05 – “Locked Away” – Happy NowDario Marianelli

Another quite sad cue with some sustained strings until things take a turn and we hear a more pleasant guitar. The harmonica is an instrument that blows either hot or cold with me in film music and when it is heard here it is just in the “hot” column. Just.

06 – “Projections” – InceptionHans Zimmer

Starts off sounding like something from Batman Begins with the flappy bat wing motif. It’s a bit pedestrian for the first two-thirds of the track before it really kicks in with some great-sounding music. I may have to edit this track down for playing in loud places. But once it does get going the music is excellent.

07 – “Imminent Danger” – Death, Deceit and Destiny Aboard The Orient ExpressStelvio Cipriani

A bit of a hotchpotch in terms of style in this cue: a bit of action (both train-sounding ostinato and pure action music) and a bit of suspense. But with not much subtly linking the two.

08 – “Not That Busy / You’ve Got Company” – Dr. KildareHarry Sukman

Running to over 7 minutes in length Sukman packs in a lot of emotional stuff. It’s a lovely piece of music quite melodramatic in places. There’s a hint of Goldsmith’s title theme in the mix too.

09 – “End Credits” – Mutant ChroniclesRichard Wells

There’s some good music on this summary track for the final credits. It’s not all-out bombast – there are some quieter moments. There’s some clumsy edits though that makes this sound like a suite made in the editing suite rather than being an actual composed piece of music.

10 – “Suite” – Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New OrleansMark Isham

Another 7-minute suite to end on again. This iTunes definitely knows I need to get to bed! This one has some nice bluesy/jazzy brass playing in amongst some unusual percussion elements. These percussion elements are quite interesting to hear.

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