Ten Tracks Today – 30th August 2011

01 – “The Black Stallion / Fire & The Legend” – The Black StallionCarmine Coppola

I just love the opening fanfare for this track. It’s almost of a stature that it could be used as an Olympic Flame fanfare. The latter half of the cue features cimbalom, one of my favourite instruments.

02 – “Main Theme” – Reconciled Through The ChristNathaniel Scott

Very synthy sounding score to an independent film, but it’s the thematic material of the theme that is the attraction and the actual sound of the synths becomes secondary.

03 – “The Same Old Story” – Wichita TownHans J. Salter

Up to hearing this I had associated Salter with his horror score. This score here for the late ’50s TV show is about as western in style as western music can get. And it’s a great listen. A great re-recording from around the same time as the music was composed for the show. Light and airy music.

04 – “The World Needs You Now” – Transformers: Dark of The MoonSteve Jablonsky

Not the highlight score of the series this one: a bit to industrial for me on the whole. But when the familiar themes are crow-barred into this track it raises the music out of the average.

05 – “Someone Has To Pay” – DerelictMoritz Schmittat

One of the quieter episodes of this short score and it’s a lovely soaring piece featuring orchestra and chorus.

06 – “Amália Tends To The Poor” – AmáliaNuno Malo

A short cue this one but it is long enough to show off how beautiful it is. Lovely acoustic guitar over a sea of strings.

07 – “The Attic” – The Red CanvasJames Peterson

I like the way the music builds in this short track from quiet beginnings to louder and ending with a strong emotional statement.

08 – “The Next Day” – Anonyma: Eine Frau in BerlinZbigniew Preisner

Starting off with a string ostinato, there’s a strong statement of a theme that I consider to be one of Preisner’s strongest. I am not as familiar with this as I should be and I could feel myself hoping the theme would be played when I began to hear the piano enter the track.

09 – “Bond Smells A Rat” – Diamonds Are ForeverJohn Barry

One of the quintessential “Bond in danger” pieces this one. Blaring brass with orchestra ticking down the time. It even has time for a sultry sax solo in the middle.

10 – “Firing Range” – Waiting For “Superman”Christophe Beck

Great, but bare, track that is somehow slightly unsettling. Pizzicato strings hurry you along with scratchy low-register strings add to the awkward feel to the cue.

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