Ten Tracks Today – 16th August 2011

Back to a selection from all my favourite tracks:

01 – “Coach Crash (alternate)” – 3:10 To YumaMarco Beltrami

The composer’s intriguing orchestration as well as his characteristic use of rhythm shine through in this cue that appeared on one of the sites dedicated to his work.

02 – “Saphira Returns” – EragonPartick Doyle

The repeated use of the theme in the score makes for a tiresome listen of the entire CD, but when heard in small doses this theme is always a pick-me-up when it appears in a random playlist.

03 – “Old Enemies” – Island of Lost SoulsJane Antonia Cornish

A dramatic cue for a score that doesn’t get talked about as much as the music deserves. Blaring brass and subtle use of what sounds like a male chorus add an element of doom to a track that moves between loud drama and eerie suspense.

04 – “In A Sweat” – L’ÉcartVincent Gillioz

A short cue of repeating, rhythmic strings and delicate woodwinds makes for an unsettling 60 seconds.

05 – “Cecily and The Dancer” – FreudJerry Goldsmith

And the unsettling mood continues with the off-kilter music box-styled melody with the pizzicato strings. Goldsmith’s rarely bettered when music with a psychological edge is required. Scary mood music.

06 – “Truck Escape” – Tropic ThunderTheodore Shapiro

The action-oriented, over-the-top feel of this score is the ideal tonic when some of the more “high brow” scores begin to wear me down.

07 – “Riding Along” – Laurel and HardyLeRoy Shield

The music for the Laurel and Hardy films always makes me smile and when I discovered The Beau Hunks’ re-recordings of the old music from their films it was an immediate purchase. The capture the whole feel of the period and of the duo’s escapades 100%.

08 – “The Nile and The Temple” – The EgyptianBernard Herrmann

I have almost lost count how many versions of this score I have. But each one has a place in anyone’s collection. Herrmann’s music (by far) attracts me more than Alfred Newman’s (also excellent) music. Herrmann captures such a mood of sadness in this score.

09 – “Jellytoast” – DevilFernando Velázquez

Goodness knows what the track title means but this cue is excellent. Some standard eerie suspense music that is elevated (no pun intended!) by some excellent rhythms in the strings as well as some pounding percussion.

10 – “The Miracle” – ThérèseSister Marie Thérèse Sokol

The battle of good and evil ends with good triumphing! The main theme for this score is such a beautiful composition and gets a good airing in this track. A lovely cue for strings.


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