Ten Tracks Today – 1st August 2011

Shuffling my iPod has thrown up some tracks, most of which are “off the beaten track”.

01 – “The Mechanic” – The Mechanic (Assassin’s Edition)Mark Isham

Isham’s urban vibe with the guitar and the rhythm has a certain appeal and sounds quite different from similar styles of scoring. I like how Isham’s releasing 2 versions of his recent scores: an album and a “complete” edition.

02 – “Prolog” – Der Grosse KaterPatrick Kirst

An attractive piano line starts off this score but there’s a synthy string ostinato that’s a bit distracting – though not all the strings sound synthetic. This track does have the feel of an overture and has a space that allows the music to develop.

03 – “La Muerte de Nelson” – Tinta RojaBingen Mendizabal

Ominous beginning, a clip of the title theme/motif and finishing off with sultry saxophone that transforms to an almost human scream at one part. 

04 – “Meeting Gaukhar” – Nomad: The WarriorCarlo Siliotto

The fact that the melody in this track sounds too much like the lullaby “Hush, little baby, don’t say a word” is a bit too distracting to really enjoy this track fully. But the final few seconds of the track with it’s ethnic vocals and percussion somewhat makes up for things.

05 – “Feeding Frenzy” – Icy Killers: Secrets of Alaska’s Salmon SharksAlan Williams

I’m a sucker for rhythmic percussion and this 5-minute cue has some satisfying percussion action. There are some tension-building synthy string passages added for variety. The synths as well as the percussion that could sound a bit more meaty gives away the TV origins of the score.

06 – “The Stranded Castle” – Prince of Persia: The Forgotten SandsTom Salta

Composed for the Wii console version of the game, this short track is really only a rhythmic percussion passage with some ethnic vocals and instrumentation.

07 – “Operation Husky” – Medal of Honor: AirborneMichael Giacchino

Hearing Giacchino’s Medal of Honor theme in any setting is always a highlight. Not a version I listen to often, but the interspersing of the theme with the frenetic pace of the cue is good. Excellent conclusion ot the cue.

08 – “Delitto Sull’autostrada” – Delitto Sull’autostradaFranco Micalizzi

A score from the early 80s that sounds though it should be in the 1970s. This version is arranged for a big band: a few brass players playing their heart out, some winds, electric guitar and drum kit. Nice! I much prefer this version to the original (from what I recall).

09 – “Lani and Cody” – Surf’s UpMychael Danna

A nice calming cue for harp and soft piano and winds accompaniment. Tender stuff.

10 – “Ange Leoni s’Echappe” – L’Enquete CorseAlexandre Desplat

A score from 2004 this one. The track is centred around a riff played on what sounds like it could be a Hammond organ, and over the top of this there’s spy movie brass blasts, percussion and a dance music feel. The brass certainly gives a spy movie feel ala The Incredibles.

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