Ten Tracks Today – 18th June 2011

Trying out some new headphones on the PC: a pair of Sennheiser HD 205 cans. Not sure if it is the cans themselves (most reports say they are good though are a bit muddy with classical music) or the processing of my Dell Inspiron with its SRS Premium Sound process, but they don’t sound nearly as good as my older JVC cans. But anyway…

01 – “Fulums” – Dragonball: EvolutionBrian Tyler

I enjoy the Tyler sound and the prominent percussion of this track. There are some great tracks on the album as a whole. It’s is nothing too memorable but when it is playing it is great!

02 – “I Saw Daddy Today” – Good Bye, Lenin!Yann Tiersen

A beautiful track for solo piano. I love how the melodic line and the counterpoint are good on their own and even better together. The composer manages to add a certain level of sadness to the cue without making it too obviously sad.

03 – “Theme From Cleopatra Jones (alternate vocal take)” – Cleopatra JonesJ.J. Johnson

Nice! There’s a great vibe with the repeating guitar motif. Great vocals. And I am a sucker for songs that have an element of the orchestral in them so the string passages get a thumbs up also. I find this song just as infectious as the theme from Shaft.

04 – “Sleepy Shores (Title Theme)” – Owen M.D.Johnny Pearson

A nice relaxing track this one. Very familiar even though I have never seen the TV show this was used in. As with most full versions of these TV themes, I don’t really enjoy the filling middle bridge section between the main and ending iteration of the theme.

05 – “I Comizi di Zeno” – Don ZenoPaolo Vivaldi

There are a couple of Vivaldi’s scores that I know that are definitely worth checking out. And this is one of them. This relentless onward drive of the  track (for the first minute or so) segues to a quieter sequence that means the track ends disappointingly.

06 – “Courtroom / Leaving Court” – Shaft: The ExecutionersJohnny Pate

After hearing Cleopatra Jones earlier it’s good to hear Isaac Hayes’ Shaft theme get an airing from Pate. The the rest of the cue can’t live up to the level of the familiar theme.

07 – “Training Montage” – The Count of Monte CristoEdward Shearmur

Hearing this now after having heard Pirates of The Caribbean, the jaunty theme from this score seems somehow influenced by the more successful film until you check the dates: Shearmur’s movie released in 2002 rather than 2003. I’m just saying.

08 – “Achara, Glad To See Me?” – Lost: Season 3Michael Giacchino

A quite and tender track this one. I like some of the wacky use of instruments the composer uses in these scores, but these tender passages are a highlight. No idea what it all means though.

09 – “Summer Heat” – Hard KnocksDavid Robidoux

There’s some excellent music associated with the series of NFL Films and this is a fine example. Great percussion mixed with acoustic guitar. Synth orchestra I believe though.

10 – “La Resa dei Conti (Titoli – Ripresa)” – La Resa dei Conti Ennio Morricone

I always think of this theme as a theme of two halves. There’s the typical delicate Morricone theme on wind (clarinet?) backed by strings, and then we’re into the great trumpet fanfare and vocals of the music you usually associate with guys riding through the landscape. The track seems to be obviously spliced together at the meeting of the two styles which doesn’t help. But it doesn’t take away the fact it’s a great summary of what Morricone’s great at doing.



  1. I’m surprised you can get any quality from your computer at all. I have a CD unit on my desk with the computer. That is the only way I can get the quality I want to have.

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