Ten Tracks Today – 31st May 2011

Over at maintitles.net I’ve been posting 10 consecutive tracks played on my iPod set to random shuffle. It was suggested that I should put them on a blog of some sort to save them for posterity. So here they are.

Before I get to today’s selection (and to test out how best to set these all down) I’m going to post a few old lists.

01 – “A Boy Called Jonah” – TorchwoodBen Foster

I really like Foster’s music for this series. This track starts off really quite emotionally with the theme but gets a bit lost with the atmospheric bit in the middle. I get a bit of a Herrmann feel with the strings in the middle of the track too. But the theme’s back again by the end and rounds off the track well.

02 – “Rock House Jail” – The Rock – Hans Zimmer et al.

Ten minute tracks can be a bit too long but this one flies by. It is a bit disjointed but there’s action scoring and the heroic/patriotic passage for Ed Harris’ character that I enjoy hearing in the score. And I was surprised to hear a camouflaged version of the Dies Irae just before the 4-minute mark. This track is a great condensation of the score as a whole.

03 – “Main Title” – Breakheart Pass – Jerry Goldsmith

A good example of a propulsive title theme. One thing I like about this one is how Goldsmith seems to pass the various bits back and forth around the orchestra. Nice variations.

04 – “It’s A Chance – Main Title” – Body Double – Pino Donaggio

A lovely piano-led track this one. I am not too familiar with the score as a whole but the theme is good to hear.

05 – “Mother of All Cannibals” – Dexter: Seasons 2 & 3 – Daniel Licht

This one I like more for the choice of instruments and rhythm rather than for any theme. The marimba-style(?) playing with the flute is what highlights the track for me. I’ve never watched the show so I have no link with the characters in the music.

06 – “The End” – M Squad – Johnny Williams

Not usually a good sign for me the “Johnny” name but this is a great effervescent track full of muted brass, sax, double bass and drums. I can’t help but smile at this track.

07 – “Excerpt” – The Twilight Zone: I Sing The Body Electric – Nathan Van Cleave

A two minute track cut from the OST suite. Nice, inoffensive strings punctuated with weird electronics that sound more machine than instrument. Not sure if I like the electronics or not!

08 – “Demi-Frère” – Un Frère – Philippe Sarde

For this one I like the strings quartet-styled sound of the track against the prominent double bass(?). Unusual sound.

09 – “Numerology” – Knowing – Marco Beltrami

Quite a suspenseful track this one, full of foreboding. Great brooding ticking clock vibe to this.

10 – “The Warhawk” – Warhawk – Christopher Lennertz

I think this is a quality score from this composer, though it does borrow from the Medal of Honor sound in bits. One of those YouTube grabs for me on this one and it sounds reasonably good even on headphones.


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