Ten Tracks Today – 14th June 2011

So far it’s looking good. Though I am getting a few layout issues when I view these lists in Google Chrome (mainly the aligning of the CD covers). And anyone who knows me that things like formatting really annoy me! Posting this Ten Tracks will bring me up to date.

01 – “Main Title” – The Final ConflictJerry Goldsmith

What can I say that hasn’t been said before? Not much. A grand, gothic theme, it starts off right at you with that powerful fanfare on the horns. Lumbering onwards there’s powerful chorus throughout. Probably my favourite score of the trilogy (ignoring the 4th film) and one of my favourite Goldsmith themes/tracks.

02 – “The Army Arrives” – EvolutionJohn Powell

It’s the rhythm and the acoustic guitars that I like about this track. A short track but a great pick-me-up.

03 – “Princesses” – PrincessesPhilippe Sarde

A distinct soft jazz feel to this track with the vibraphone, double bass, piano and brushes on snare drums. I came across this whilst browsing for something else. It’s a great theme and I cam imagine listening to this in a smoke-filled bar…wherever smoking is still permitted indoors.

04 – “Destable” – Star Trek: Enterprise – RegenerationBrian Tyler

Textbook Tyler for this short action track: rhythmic undercurrent & frantic strings/brass. Great!

05 – “Overture” – The GadflyDimitri Shostakovich

One of my wife’s favourite “classical” pieces. Probably a favourite on Classic FM radio but I wasn’t familiar with it. But it’s a very powerful theme. The version I am familiar with is the EMI Music For Pleasure version with Emin Khachaturian/USSR Cinema Symphony Orchestra.

06 – “Festa Van Gold” – Il Corsaro NeroGuido de Angelis & Maurizio de Angelis

Dual mandolins (by the sound of it) play what could be a piece of source music as it’s structured as a piece of formal music (may be some sort of montage?) A fiesta? Nice and light.

07 – “Not Your Time” – PurityGeorge Shaw

A lovely orchestral piece for strings, piano and clarinet (I assume clarinet as George plays clarinet). When this composer is called to provide music with an emotional clout he usually delivers in spades.

08 – “Florida Fantasy” – Midnight CowboyJohn Barry

I could easily have listed this piece as the theme from the BBC Holiday(?) programme. Sometimes the use of music for film (or even classical pieces) in other places lumbers them with different associations to those initially intended. I could never see this scene in this movie and not see people on holiday.

09 – “Erlacher Hof (1. Teil)” – Der Grosse KaterPatrick Kirst

Quite a formal track in that it seems to have a form that would be more appropriate in a concert hall. I like the staccato strings’ rhythm throughout the track more than anything else.

10 – “Fanfare For A Resurrected Priest” – PriestChristopher Young

This an excellent score and I like this track especially the way it starts with the vocals and then moves into orchestra with a subtle electronic rhythm. Then in the latter half it all comes together.


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