Ten Tracks Today – 12th June 2011

01 – “Plowing Through The Galaxy” – MultiVadersBlake Robinson

A great little track: dreamy female vocal, all sounding quite John Murphy. Nice string ostinato to end. Mix of voice and synth(?) instruments.

02 – “Theme” – Man From AtlantisFred Karlin

This 5-minute track is one that I have very little recollection of, even though I loved the show. The actual theme is quite laid back, a flute line that somehow instills the feeling of being in tune with nature. What makes it feel like that escapes me!

03 – “Vois Sur Ton Chemin” – Les ChoristesBruno Coulais

I love the songs in this score. This particular track is from a live concert recording. Some subtle variations from the OST but near enough to still be good!

04 – “Epoch” – Too HumanSteve Henifin

A game score. Full of massed choral passages, percussion rhythms, portentous brass…nothing new then. But it is done with such style, I love this sort of thing. Game scoring seems sometimes to allow the composer to just run with an idea without the constraints of following onscreen action.

05 – “Bill’s Lament” – True BloodNathan Barr

I think what Barr added to this show was excellent and there is some great music on the two CDs released so far. I just love how the low strings are placed front-and-centre. And this melancholic tracks highlights this well.

06 – “Prelude” – The Ten CommandmentsElmer Bernstein

Listening to this, I assume that this features some of the main themes of the score? I am surprised how unfamiliar I am with this. Only snippets I recognise.

07 – “The Next Adventure” – Mr and Mrs SmithJohn Powell

This track encapsulates a lot of what I enjoy in a Powell score. The quick staccato strings with the insistent beat underpinning it. And a strong brass support. Light, bright and fun.

08 – “Loft” – LoftWolfram de Marco

One of my favourite themes this one. I suppose it is not really a theme, more a distinctive device. The insistent string ostinato with the timpani “heartbeat”. Good enough to remain interesting when heard in the other, 12-minute track to feature this device.

09 – “Suite (Part 2)” – Scenes of The CrimeChristopher Young

Reminds me a bit of the urban sleaze and disease that Howard Shore gave to his score for Crash with the electric guitars. That, together with a feel that reminds me of a Michael Small thriller score, this track is an excellent listen.

10 – “Arsène and Beaumagnan” – Arsène LupinDebbie Wiseman

A rolicking good track this one to finish my ten listed tracks for tonight.


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