Ten Tracks Today – 11th June 2011

01 – “Tirame Un Palo Que No Este Enjabonado” – Luna de AvellanedaÁngel Illarramendi

A beautiful piece of music. Soothing.

02 – “Opening and Deatheater Attack” – Harry Potter and The Half-Blood PrinceNicholas Hooper

The ostinato of the deatheater attack is noteworthy but it flags when there is no Williams influences.

03 – “Medley: First Subway / Bedroom” – The 4 Horsemen of The ApocalypseAndré Previn

Certainly sounds of its time with an emphasis of strings.

04 – “Les Sables Mouvants” – Les Sables MouvantsVladimir Cosma

A lyrical piece, dominated by a lovely acoustic guitar. One of those lovely pieces of music buried in obscurity.

05 – “Investigation” – The Ghost WriterAlexandre Desplat

Not sure if I enjoy this one as much as most. A standard investigative track full of typical Desplat mannerisms.

06 – “L’Exode” – Le TrainPhilippe Sarde

A frantic track this one. I assume the train is hurtling along to somewhere!

07 – “The Car” – Night CrossingJerry Goldsmith

It is not long before a Goldsmith track appears in a random playlist. A typical example of his quality.

08 – “Assassin” – Bangkok DangerousBrian Tyler

I am one of those people who thinks that Tyler in action mode is well worth a listen. It may not be new but it is completely satisfying.

09 – “Harry In Winter” – Harry Potter and The Goblet of FirePatrick Doyle

One of the highlights of the non-Williams Harry Potter music. A beautiful theme.

10 – “The Team” – Age of HeroesMichael Richard Plowman

A rousing piece from a good score.


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